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How do I get to 500 comments without writing garbage?

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Look for topics that you are interested, or experienced in. They will soon mount up. 

Even if it's a song or a joke - all good. :)

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4 hours ago, DippityDoo said:


You've been a member a lot longer than I have; may I ask what happens when one reaches 500 posts?  Is that a goal you'd like to reach for a specific reason?  Is cake involved when reaching 500 posts?  I like cake.

For those unable to access Glenn, the reviews of Cool Hand Luke show him to offer excellent service and products, is honest about what he can and can't do and works exceptionally hard to ensure his customers are happy.

If you've not yet introduced yourself and requested a menu from Luke, you might find it worth your while.  I very much enjoyed communicating with him and was pleased as punch with the snacks received.


You get into the VIP section, no biggie...

The golden VIP next to your name is cool though. ?

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13 hours ago, DippityDoo said:

I'm confused! And I'm sad!  The VIP floor is SO tippy-top secret that they can't even say if there's cake or not!!

And what about the ponies?  I heard that VIPs get a PONY!  Rainbow-pooping sparkle ponies are all cool and whatnot, but what if I wanna llama instead?  Llamas are way fluffy!  Is there some top-secret $1,000 Llama Level sponsor required in addition to the 500 posts so's I can haz a llama instead of a sparkle pony?

Oh and I also heard that Beyoncé does the music for the coronation and crowning ceremony! 

And then Tom Hardy and Jason Mamoa fight a cage match to win the affections of the new lady VIP!!

I was totally secretly promised and pinky-sworn that we get ALL that stuff at 500 posts.

TOTALLY promised all that. 



This is all true. I have my own "Deep-Throat" embedded in the VIP section. Not the Linda Lovelace kind, but the Watergate scandal kind! 

The Coronation ceremony also has John Waters in a burgundy, velvet suit as a host introducing the entire line-up of AKB48 in schoolgirl outfits placing you on the llama and walking you along the glittery golden carpet to the gem-encrusted throne.

One thing needs to be cleared up. For straight males it's not Tom Hardy and Jason Momoa fighting, but Cara Delevingne and Natalie Dormer all oiled up in see-through micro-bikinis.

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3 hours ago, 2earls said:

Will you start that @DippityDoo ?

I have need for such a place on many occasions. We are doing a cost study on the feasibility of providing cake to new VIP members, it's in Beta, I will update you on the outcome so you can make a "qualified " decision on whether such a stupendous effort will be worthwhile.

PS we had ponies but one dented my rental car . ..well that's another thread.

Why, I'd LOVE to start sumpin!  To avoid avoidable errors, please kindly allow me to clarify by asking if we are needing:

* An "All About Pouting" thread?  A pouting refuge, if you will; for which a DBG official Time-Out Chair should be designed. 

* An  "All About Cake" thread?   Recipes and cake p0rn for our diabetic members forbidden from indulging in the real thing.

* An "All About Spectacular Prizes Awarded to New VIPs Plus Cake if We Can Afford It" thread?

* Or all of the above?

And yes, I definitely want to know how many ponies a rental car can hold and if insurance covered the pony damages.

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Just a pouting refuge. I pout a lot.?

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4 hours ago, 2earls said:

Just a pouting refuge. I pout a lot.1f62d.png

Showing off that lip gloss!!!!!


Never mind the ponies @DippityDoo, wait until you see our unicorns! 

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