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Does Adderall make you feel good

Does Adderall make you feel goed  

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  1. 1. Does Adderall make you feel goed

    • Adderall makes me feel goed
    • Adderall does not make me feel goed anything just helps with ADD
    • Adderall makes me feel goed and helps with my ADD

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On 2/10/2014 at 9:54 AM, hexx29 said:

I used to be addicted to Adderall. I thought it was a miracle drug. For many years while I was working my desk job I felt sluggish, unfocused and tired all day. As soon as I got on Adderall that changed. I was excited about going to work. It made the challenge of my job more enjoyable.


Also, I had tons of energy. Factoring in the appetite supression I was loosing weight too. Looking better, feeling better, getting more things done, etc. It was great that first year.


As my tolerance went up I started asking my doc for more pills.. I some how managed him to prescribe me 30MG 3X per day. I basically told him I don't take the full 90mg. I break the pills in half and save the remainder for the next month. Basically allowing me to save more money.


Well, long story short. I lied to the doctor. I took 90MG everyday and after 3-4 months psycosis started setting in. I thought my girlfriend was cheating, I thought people were following me, constantly looking over my shoulder thinking the whole world was against me. It was complete paranoia. I ended up losing my job and my girlfriend. Haha.


That was a long time ago. I stopped taking them and everything is back to normal now. But I guarantee you I wouldn't hesitate to take again if I knew the paranoia wouldnt resurface.


Be careful with this med. It can ruin your life if you over do it.

That’s why taking breaks from it is key. I try and lay off of them for 3-5 days a month. Sometimes twice a month. Helps reset the tolerance and lowers the stress they can cause.


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