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I've suffered from headaches and migraines

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On 2/6/2017 at 3:46 PM, Louis76 said:

?  There's 2 generic brands that my pharmacy carries. For some reason the old generic formalation is cheaper with my insurance?

New formulation : (less Tylenol)

butalbital 50 mg, acetaminophen 300 mg, caffeine 40 mg, and codeine phosphate 30 mg.

old formulation : (still in production)

butalibal 50mg ,[acetaminophen 325mg], caffeine 40mg, and codeine phosphate 30mg.


My doc didn't like the idea the first time but I'm hoping to get the point across my next visit. I'll keep you informed!

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I've suffered from migraines off and on for decades. I started seeing a headache specialist a couple of years ago and none of the meds in her arsenal had any effect at all. So she began giving me Botox injections every three months which have helped substantially. I took Fioricet when I was younger but she won't prescribe it due to it being notorious for causing rebound headaches. The problem is that I still get migraines occasionally and Fioricet is the only thing that helps. I still have some that I got from another doctor am almost out.:(

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i been experiencing this headache, which i think is a tension headache and not a sinus headache since i had my dental cleaning , and the weather change but i also stopped certain meds..., so i think mine is tension related and w/ding from medication and going back on my original track, than again i had a similar experience 2yrs ago and that happened in the spring time after a dental cleaning, one tooth makes every part of my left jaw hurt when i get the tension headache, but theres nothing wrong with the tooth for the dentist to butcher up, so i am nervous and stressed about it , i still have my INS , just to scared to go see doctor from doctor if the primary cant address, i hate waiting in doctor offices and  filling paper work out.


, i hope its nothing serious for me, i had mri's done before but for lower back and neck not the head, but the same headache that pops out of nowhere anytime with presure behind the eye and above the left jaw ??? 


so now i find mself reading other post for help , i am using flexeril a muscle relaxor atm instead of excedrine and advil which i been taking since xmas is whee the headaches started, but i 2weeks time off so i am using it to rest/recovery/keep it light/no stress /avoid taking other meds, 

the excedrin works, but i want this to go away on its own.

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MaxAlt is hands down the best migraine med I have used.  It only works for legit debilitating migraines, doesn't do anything for regular headaches.  But a migraine that makes you light sensitive and crippled, one pill dissolved under the tongue and its gone in 10 minutes.  Amazing stuff.  Perks don't even cure the pain but with maxalt its gone almost immediately.

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