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There is a big problem with Protonmail. Emails are being intercepted by a scammer who is impersonating our vendors and giving false payment information. Use a different email.

If you receive unknown Tutanota emails in your Proton inbox don't even open them. I am receiving them myself and they are obvious phishing attempts. This is affecting several vendors and I will be contacting them tomorrow and telling them to get new emails.

So far this problem is only with vendors and customers using Protonmail. 



Cirpo and Levaquin Warning from FDA

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I have no doubt that many people have experienced injuries side affects from Levaquin and Cipro. So they should not be the first line of defense against a bacterial infection. That being said, I have taken both drugs many, many times for a sinus infection when another antibiotics did not work. No tendon damage resulted. It comes down to what bacterial strain is living up in your sinuses; fluoroquinolones can kill some bugs that Augmentin cannot.

As for UTIs -- I work with elderly women, who are suspectible to UTIs, and the docs always prescribe Cipro. So far, none have experienced side effects. I guess you have to weigh the benefits vs the risks.  


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Cipro made me sick as hell. Had bad intestine problems called c diff for about two months that I had to take some other medicine to combat for awhile

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