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What to do about Manic depression/bi-polar disorder?

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Leigh Anne
On ‎7‎/‎22‎/‎2016 at 4:14 PM, Jackie Chiles said:

If you're Bipolar, you will not need to be on Benzos all your life, that's part of the treatment. My suggestion is that you find a doctor, and explain how you feel. You'll be put on mood stabilizers and antidepressants. They will help you to manage your symptoms, and get your life back. It's already past due for fifteen years. Good luck! If you have any questions or just want to let it it out, we -  or at least I - will be here.

I think that antidepressants actually can throw you INTO a manic phase--that happened with my best friend and one of my nieces.  The mood stabilizer would be good, there are several out there, none of them scheduled high, and they are mostly really old drugs meaning your co-pay (if you're lucky enough to be insured) should be relatively inexpensive.  These two people I mention when they started just the mood stabilizer/s, experienced significant relief after maybe a week?  You won't likely see immediate results, but keep taking it, and one day soon, you'll realize that your focus is better, your mind has calmed somewhat, and on the occasions you would have confronted someone in the past, you'll be able to walk away.  My niece still has some anxiety, but her quality of life is much improved.  My BFF has had to live w/her parents as an adult waiting on disability, and she just doesn't even engage when her family want to argue--she may make a calm comment, and then walk away.  Before, the fights would escalate & escalate, and she would have to leave the house to find sanctuary somewhere else for a period of time.  She has also been able to start reading again--slow, but able to follow simple narrative and to be still/calm and not distracted.  The drugs they take are Tr!leptal (sp?), and Geodon(sp?).  You have to be consistent in taking the meds, it is not an instant fix, and remember that with any mental illness, the meds are about 40-50% of treatment--the rest is up to you (cut toxic people out, eat well, get sunshine as much as possible, exercise if you can and it doesn't have to be rigorous to get the endorphin boost).  The family MD is OK sometimes to start with & if the meds work, great.  If not, then you need a psychiatric consult.  No shame in getting help, and it really may improve your quality of life!  I know it's been a week since you wrote this, but I don't get on here often as I would like.  Best wishes!  Leigh Anne

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Jackie Chiles

@Leigh Anne

Hello, :)

Well, first of all which kind of Bipolar are we talking about? Type 2 can easily be treated with a small dose of SSRI, but rather they favor  SNRIs, nowadays, and something that balances the manic episodes out, like Lithium, or Depakote or if you're not a big fan of quite frequent blood tests, you could go with Lamictal. Bipolar 1 is a much severe form, as the manic episodes are much more intense, a longer-lasting, Sometimes months of hardcore mania, schizophrenia, hallucinations, and the depression is usually shorter lasting, but at least as severe as type 2's. Obviously I'd never spiked a Type 1 with a ton of anti-depressants, maybe I small amount of Apriprazole (Abilify) which is grate to prevent acute mania, paired with Lithium, or Depakote. I'm not an MD in psychiatry, but these are often prescribed meds for both conditions, statistics shows they work quite well.

6 hours ago, Leigh Anne said:

the meds are about 40-50% of treatment--the rest is up to you (cut toxic people out, eat well, get sunshine as much as possible, exercise if you can and it doesn't have to be rigorous to get the endorphin boost

These is a great advice, as myself a Type 2, my depression is takes up about 80-85% of my illness, manic episodes are a couple days  months, quite short and mild. When I'm in that 80-85% for me is impossible to crawl out of bed, and do extra work. It totally drains me, I just want to shot the door on everybody and be alone in my room.

I can function great at work, of course mental illnesses are the worse, when you stop being busy, the outside stimuli reduce, and your mind starts to worry about usually nothing.  Well, that's all I could add from my experience, personal and professional. Hope your niece gets better soon!

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Experienced bond-fide bi-polar warrior here: It's super important to avoid fucking around with your serotonin and dopamine levels in a way that can trigger mania. Everyone is different but with us bipolars it isn't a  matter of if but when messing with s&d will make you manic - I find that my perfect combo of meds is as follows:


Effexor XR 225mg in the morning

Abilify - 15mg at night 

Xanax - 1mg PRN up to twice a day

Gabapentin 900mg at night 


The abilify was the real change though - I have been on depakote, lithium and seroquel and they made me stay alive but not be able to live...


If I needed to change my meds I would maybe add lithium but thats all. It sounds terrrible but if you stick to the extremelly high priced psych meds you'll be fine take the cheap stuff and you'll be fucked... look at zoloft ( you will have to take atleast 2 or 3 other medications just to get rid of the side effects ) Just my 2c.

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I have bi polar(2), co-morbid with chronic pain. Has anyone else have a similar issue? If there is anyone interested I am willing to share more of my story.

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I’m bipolar. I’m on gabapentin 400mg in the morning, 100mg in the afternoon and 400mg at night. Depakote 250mg twice at night (variably) and lamictal 100mg one in the morning and one at night. I was on latuda 20mg, then my psychiatrist upped it to 40mg. A few months later, I ended up experincing a rough bought of insomnia and I had no idea where all of my money went as well as bizarre behavior at work that almost cost me my job. She put me on either 60 or 80mg, which after two weeks, I had to come off it. It was brutal. So I stopped the latuda altogether. For the anxiety she put me on buspirone, not sure of the spelling. I ended up stopping that after taking it for two months. It did nothing for me. She’s recommended Prozac because the combo of Prozac and lamictal is supposed to put you on an even keel. Next appointment I make, I’m going to take her up on it to see if it provides some stability. 

I hope everyone is able to find their dose and the right psychiatrist. Keep fighting.

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