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On 3/25/2018 at 3:18 AM, Poppyseed123 said:

Very, very encouraged by today's youth march "for our (their)  lives". Hopefully, they will vote-in politicians who truly represent sensible gun laws. And NO --for those who like to freak out: your guns will NOT be taken away; but c'mon jeez, the gun violence in this country is insane!!!!!!!!! Children afraid to go to school?? Shit I have grandchildren who have been in actual lockdown situations from gun violence (tattempts) on more than one occasion and, ahem, not the "lower class school districts", but upper middle class so-called "safe" school districts.  It doesn't matter, these are all our kids! The future of our country. C'mon, we are the United States of America....divided we fall. Yes, I am a liberal/aka progressive , I believe in sensible gun ownership, but assault weapons, really??

I'm dying to know what an assault weapon is. Do tell! How do you feel about assault vehicles? How about assaults in general? How about murder? Rape? Is rape assault? Why haven't we made that illegal? Then there's that pesky murder thing. Maybe that should be illegal to? Since we are on a "ssault" theme how about we make burglary illegal too. Why stop at those imaginary "assault" weapons?

Seems to me we have way bigger issues then "assault weapons". If anyone with "sense" was paying attention, they would notice that the common denominator is "gun free zones". Seems they are the first places to not be gun free, other then the good guys of course, because once again, if one was using "common sense" they would realize all of these crimes were committed by someone that's last concern was whether they were breaking the law. When is the last time somebody with an "assault weapon" shot up a police station, or a NRA convention?  "Sensible gun laws" I just puked in my mouth a little.

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Real classy laughing about school shootings man. At this point there is no turning back; There is no way to rid America of guns. Nobody would turn their guns in, and the people that would participate would be selling slamfire shit pipe shotguns to con the system. My state doesn’t even require us to register firearms, which makes confiscation virtually impossible. I could go on and on, but really, what a gross thing of you to say. I just hope you never have to experience it. 

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