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Thank you DBG

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Since it’s(American) Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you to everyone here. 

Thank you to our wonderful moderators/admin. DBG isn’t possible without you. Your work saves/helps so many lives. Whether it’s harm reduction(DBG allows us to be more informed and empowered magazine consumers!), or helping someone left in a lurch by mainstream medicine, DBG has an amazing ability to help people.

Thanks especially to @2earls. You really helped me out! ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks to our vendors. Fraud is rampant in this world; almost everyone who comes to this site has been scammed before. In such a world, honest, legitimate vendors are like rain on the desert. Those who strive to do right by their customers have real integrity. Your integrity and hard work is appreciated.

Thanks to my fellow DBG members. In general, I’ve found the people here to be friendly and helpful(and the site’s paywalls and culture seem to be quite effective at filtering out uncool people). There are a lot of very intelligent, knowledgeable and resourceful people on DBG(again, the site seems to be rather good at filtering out the people who are not). I have personally benefitted greatly from people’s contributions here. Knowledge is power, and DBG is a haven for us to share information  

Anyway, sorry this post ended up so long. Thanks to this site, my library is now well stocked with top notch reading material. And I’ve really been enjoying being a part of this community. 

Happy Thanksgiving from America!


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