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I've been reading some appealing things on Hexarelin, another GHRP I don't see mentioned here yet, and I wonder if there are any experiences with this peptide. I'm tempted to get this into my life soon, and I'll gladly be the guinea pig here and report back, but any advice against it or for alternative hGH or peptide options is much appreciated. I'll summarize my understanding of Hexarelin here to offer what I know, but I'm no expert with this peptide so take what you will and chime in to correct or add if anyone here has info.


It seems to be an attractive alternative to the usual GHRPs for dosing schedules and the amplitude of hGH surge. The differentiation in other properties is less definite to me, but I hear it does not carry the same glucose insensitivity risks of rhGH and other GHRPs, and otherwise looks good for shorter durations with maximal hGH surges, a quick, efficient and cheaper option to invest in. Other claims, purely from users and sellers, are that the typical effect on prolactin and cortisol is nonexistent or reduced with Hexarelin, but this doesn't seem substantiated in any real scientific authority I can find so far (in fact, I think I read it is equal to other GHRP and rhGH in their typical augmentation of elevated prolactin and cortisol levels). Lots of users claim the swelling and chance of edema is reduced as well. There are some drug discovery and development studies showing some intriguing site-specific receptivity that enhances hGH in certain tissues and perhaps less in others, mostly investigated in cardiac tissues for obvious reasons; it is could be preventative of atherosclerosis, defensive against myocardial infarction damage, and generally seems promising overall for cardioprotective health with respect to certain metrics (though I think other GHRP share that profile as well). 

Seems interesting, so I am checking with people on different forums to gather thoughts wiser than mine...figured I'd check in on you fine people. 

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