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How to drop 30 pounds the right way - Woman Special

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Hey pals,

so I thought I’d share one of my diet plans I’ve used with female athletes very successfully. I’m not a PT by profession but I am a Professional in the industry. Real life + academic experience as opposed to a 3 month online course and they think they know how to train you. Anyway as recently as this year my friend followed this and it brought her down from 170 to around a comfy 134-135. No teas, starvation, pills just dedication and a lot of sweaty tears in the gym. But we’re all guilty of that...eh right? 

This isn’t easy but nothing in life obtainable is, if you need any help I’m always here. So we begin...

My diet plan:

I look to keep the carbs between 150-200g a day up. Tone it down further if you get that stage itch to some more detail in. Also please come see me if you do.

5 Eggs (4 Whites, 1 Whole)
1/2 cup Oats

*****CARDIO 60 MIN****** Walking or Stairs

6:45am Post Cardio
Protein Shake and Apple

11:30a Chicken with Green Veg

9:30a 2 Rice Cakes with PB

2:30p Tuna with Salad

Pre Gym Meal
Lean meat with (35g of carbs) Brown rice and Green Veg


8:30pm Lean Meat with Small Pasta (35-45g portion) Read the box for portion sizes

Keep water intake up, 4L min.

Fiber (Usually one pill three times a day with food)
B12 complex
Vitamin E (400 min)
Flax Seed Oil (3 Times a day, is the usual dosage)

No Banana

Extra Protein is fine. You can also add in a berry smoothie as a snack.

You don't need to measure it out exact, I don't.

1 Cup Berries (Blueberries, raspberries are best, lowest sugar)
2 Cups Spinach
1-2 Table sp Chia Seeds (these little guys are amazing! They help stabilize your blood sugar levels so cravings don't seem too bad, prebiotic, fuller longer, energy, liver health, on and on)
Water - as you need to blend
Splash of Pomegranate juice

And that’s it! I hope this helps.


Peace ✌️





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