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Blood Work Testing Protocol

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Hey peeps,


There have been many questions regarding blood work and testing protocols. So I devised this thread. It will outline the protocols that we will use to better judge quality of gear. The protocols will be set for the most commonly used esters of testosterone, TE/TC/TP. 


For this to work, there must be uniformity across the board. If you are testing gear for potency, these protocols MUST be followed. Obviously everyone is entitled to do bloodwork whenever however they want . But this will allow us to collect data with consistency. 


Using the following protocol, we will be testing for PEAK TT values.



-Protocol for Testosterone Enanthate/Cypionate-


Duration: At least 6 weeks into cycle (I realize these esters can stabilize sooner than 6 weeks but this will leave no doubt. It’s pretty close to most members mid-cycle labs also.


Blood Draw:Blood should be drawn at 48hr +/- 12hrs post pin. The goal is to be as close to 48hrs as possible.



-Protocol for Testosterone Propionate-


Duration:At least 14 days into cycle


Blood Draw:Blood should be drawn at 24hrs +/- 8hrs post pin. The goal is to be as close to 24hrs as possible.



*If there are any questions or suggestions to improve upon this and you have sources of data to back it up, by all means post it up I’m always open and it’ll  be reviewed and implemented if it’s superior. 


There are many testing labs such as privatemdlabs. This test will give TT values without being capped at 1500 ng/dl. I’m in no way affiliated with them in fact they are an America company but since 99% of enquires come from America community members I thought best to give you a head start. 


However there are many testing services, pm as I can’t /won’t directly post links so use whichever you like but please ensure it gives total values.


If you decide to follow this please post your blood work for the good of the board. Your contributions would be greatly appreciated in continuing to create a better understanding and safer use.


Ps. I’ve just started a new cycle and I’ve already pulled bloods and have been sent for analysis. I’ll post them up when I receive them back. 

Any questions just hit me up and I hope this helps.

Peace ✌️ 



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