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Believe it or not Weed has helped my A.D.D. Google some Studies.

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Just wanted to Post this since I am not sure if anyone is aware but there a lot of increasing Studies and more will come to light with it being L3g@l. My Mom actually was fine about Me using Weed in High School since when she was helping Me do my Homework after a few Bong Tokes she saw Me from unable to pay attention to her etc. to just sitting there and listening like I did in Class etc. except it's not simple as find some Weed and it will help. 

  Some Strains of Weed will HELP ANXIETY despite the very popular idea it increases anxiety which most Recreational and creativity flowing strains like specifically Sour Diesel had my mind like flowing with creativity like crazy, I got horribly increased anxiety alongside that creativity flow. You can Google one Strain that is popularly known that is "Strawberry Cough" true Version that is grown good of this Strain truly does help with Anxiety despite being MOSTLY Sativa so it's not as SImple as Sativa is more awake and anxiety and less pain relief etc. to Indica being more Sedating and pain relieving which typically Sativas do cause anxiety and are good for day time and are not as good for pain and anxiety relief and appetite increase.

  I have been self-medicating with Weed since my teen years everyday for easily over 10 Years as there was a point in my Life I couldn't afford Daily Use. It was literally brutal torture and Weed with my chronic pain when I get Suicidal thoughts it has helped Me get through that meaning I get some in Me and think "Why would I ever kill myself or even have that thought cross my mind". I literally Pray and say Thanx to God like saying grace before each meal when I Vape it mostly these Days like "I Vape/Smoked Weed like it's God Bless Buddha!" like I say "Eat Healthy Stay Fit and Die anyway so just Smoke some Bud!" 

  From age 8 to Age 11 I was given Ritalin/Methylphenidate to Treat my A.D.D. plus using Clonidine to force Me to Sleep at night since they couldn't Prescribe any other Drug which they DID NOT WEAN Me off either Drug and the Clonidine after being awake one night until 6 A.M. which the kept saying "Six in the morning really!?" like he was surprised by it and THAN DECIDED to taper me off the Clonidine. Which at that Age I had more of what would be A.D.H.D. that has now become more of A.D.D. now that I'm Older. Which most people grow out of hence it's hard to find Doctors that treat it being an Adult (regardless of the abuse potential) I lost so much Weight I went from like 80 Pounds down to 60 Pounds and I was taken off of it simply because of the Weight loss and how pale I looked. I was given it literally before Lunch during school and a time-released tablet in the mornings. I remember to this Day in my Adulthood how depressed I got since USING STIMULANTS DAILY like I bet most of you don't know the Chemical Structure of Methylphenidate is literally nearly the exact same as C0c@ine only difference is that it's 5x more Physically Stimulating and 5x less Euphoric and anymore than 50MG of Methylphenidate in 24 Hours won't HAVE ANY EFFECT besides increasing Physical Stimulating etc. and maybe helping with A.D.D. or Studying. But point is imagine doing 50MG of Pure C0c@ine and having it provide less than 5x the Euphoric effects with 5x the stimulating effect and not being able to redose it again for 24 Hours otherwise Ritalin would not be a allowed to Prescribed but it is HORRIBLY like just unimaginable that they were pumping Me full of these Drugs for 3 Years except on the Weekends my Mom decided to only give it to Me for School. 

  So I KNOW from Experience and Reading about these A.D.D. Treatment Drugs there good if u don't USE THEM DAILY but Daily use I fucked my Life up probably/maybe caused some permanent Dopamine Lowering Damage especially since I was not eating and being at age 8 to 11 shit. I was essentially a Guinea Pig experiment for the Doctors this was before like 2007 when I graduated high school i was so young but I can tell it was during the "Ritalin for any kid who is not perfectly still and does not talk to other kids cause he is bored out of his mind so pump him full of a drug structure that is the same as ILL3G@L DRUGS! 

  Just want people to know Cannabis CAN BE AN ALTERNATIVE like it IS FOR ME! Since the other alternatives simply don't work Daily like once a Month or a few times a Month is most I try to use the A.D.D. Medication or say if I got a Job and I needed some to help Me for like once a week for short-term is longest I would use this stuff again and I find Adderol is way less Appetite Reducing with way less nausea and like just anxiety that Ritalin produces but the Doctors want to pump me full of Concerta or Vyvanse since there worried I will abuse it I hate Doctors sometimes. 

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