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4 Minute Daily Health Boost

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Hi guys,

 I want us to discuss ideas and health tips we all use on a daily basis.

This is my health shot I make 2-3 times a day. I'll list all ingredients and some of the health benefits. It’s cheap, easy and a consistent natural source of vital vitamins your body will thank you for. 

3 carrots
1 Apple
1 lemon
Beetroot juice
Small piece of ginger root (cleaned).

Blend everything together after chopping onto small pieces and then down the hatch.


• contains ployphenols
• high in fiber
• research suggests that Apple's could be as effective as statins
• promotes gut health


• high in vitamin A,C,D,E,K magnesium and potassium
• protects eye health
• high in beta carotene
• has been used in Alzheimers study's and shown to reduce cognitive decline via lowering oxidative stress


• promotes hydration
• high in vitamin c
• aids in weight loss
• helps prevent kidney stones


• reduces nausea,inflammation, and even light to moderate pain
• strong immune booster
• helps reduce cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels


• reduces blood pressure via nitric oxide production
• good for skin health
• very strong anti oxidant
• boosts energy and stamina
• helps with digestion
• low res blood glucose

We really don't always need to reach for big pharma for all the vitamins we need as nature provides us with them all. We just need to take the time to RESEARCH what's out there instead of being told what we should take in pill form let's get some ideas together and help each out.


Peace ✌️ 


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Interesting... to add about your Comment on Big Pharma's Vitamins. Most either contain more or less than what is on the Label as the F.D.A. treats it like a Food and not Drug for Example Vitamin A only comes in 10,000 IU and in Synthetic Form which is the Maximum Daily Amount you can take and you only need like 700-1000IU Daily max 2000IU is Recommended for Natural Vitamin A.

  I really enjoy learning and reading your Threads that you keep pumping out.. keep up the good work as these are very helpful Threads. (I really hope I am not breaking some unspoken Rule by making this Post and hence having it Deleted as that's been happening a lot lately.)

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Chill ma man it’s all good. I appreciate the feedback and you that you enjoy the content. I’m UK based different rules for different fools but I know all about big Supplement companies in the states and ‘proprietary blend’ so it’s very helpful if you research and eliminate certain ones. Try to be aware of everything you are putting into your body and you’ll reap the health benefits not just short term but long term too. 


Peace ✌️ 


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