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How to taper off painkillers without terrible w/d symptoms?

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I have not noticed any addictive potential in Gabapetina. 

A true addict can get himself killed with water (no joke) but Gababetina is zero fun.

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When I detoxed I used Gaba and it did not do much for me.  I honestly think if you can switch over to trams and taper that way you will be relatively symptom free.  I took baclofen, gaba and trazodone and not much helped.   I didnt eat for 4 days and had zero energy.   It was a pain but and uncomfortable but I cant imagine going cold turkey.  Kratom helps but you build a tolerance to that quickly and you have to have multiple strains.   Honestly there is no easy way to do it but there are things that take away the worst issues.   I tried every supplement under the sun and some helped more than others but I couldnt sleep, couldnt eat and all I did was watch the World Cup all day long.   Tapering is the best way to go but it requires a significant amount of meds to pull it off.   Good luck with whatever method you choose.

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