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Are these guys legit?

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Hi all,

i have a trusted vendor but someone approached me via a pm on Reddit from chemresearchchemicals@gmail.com. That’s never a good sign usually lol.

They provided some pics with Skype and a whatsapp contact # on which I’ve not contacted as I’m not giving some random Chinese guy my #. Thing is it looks legit but he’s saying 5g of Etiz powder + shipping = $100 USD, $50 for the Etiz and $50 for shipping from China / USA . The price sounds fantastically cheap, also $9000 for 1kg Etiz powder. So, does anyone know if this guy or guys are legit or are they most likely, as I suspect, scammers? Like I said it looks ok-ish but the price is insane. Also it’s powder and that could be anything, without a reagent test kit I’d be fucked and scales too, I have neither, wasn’t looking to buy 5g of powder (5000 doses @1mg per dose) , but if they were real then obviously I’d snap it up lol. I’m in UK if that makes any difference.

Link to copy of pics sent https://share.icloud.com/photos/0BiB4ivXZnMtud9mrazD_WhiA

Pics also sent as attachment for those that don’t click links lol.

any help please?? 

Thanks in advance,

cryptosniper 😎


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