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Dubious pharmacy review sites

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Just want to make people aware of several dubious pharmacy review websites:

The above dishonest pharmacy review websites only promote pharmacies that they can make money from (via an affiliate marketing weblinks), and will often trash any pharmacy from which they cannot earn cash via affiliate links.

Some high-quality longstanding reliable pharmacies are given very poor or scathing reviews on the above pharmacy review websites, which is how you can tell these review sites are basically biased and dishonest.

The above pharmacy review sites will say bad things about longstanding reliable pharmacies in their reviews, and then try to redirect people to the pharmacies that these review sites have an affiliate agreement with, so that they can make a commission on anything you buy at the pharmacy.

You can tell the above pharmacy review sites make money from redirecting you to specific pharmacies, because in their list of top pharmacies, the pharmacy links contain an affiliate ID code in the URL codes such as id=1324 and a=78720 on www.pharmreviews.net, and codes like id=1105 on www.rxlogs.net and https://www.onlinegenerictabs.com. This affiliate ID number tells you that the review site makes money from directing you to these pharmacies when you buy a product at the pharmacy.

Many of the better prescription-free pharmacies do not offer an affiliate program, so there is no way for review sites to make money by directing people to these better pharmacies. That's why these review sites will give scathing review for pharmacies which do not offer any affiliate programs.

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