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LLH as my vendor of choice?

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i know this is soo relevant but has anyone ordered from “L@b Loop Holes” through wickr?

i received a package recently and it was at my door in less then 7 days from over seas.

the etiz0l powda was definitely on point for a decent price. Regeants popped correctly. now the only thing is I received free sample of NE3P for large order. dicl4Z3p@m matched reaction for most part.

...isn’t it quite hard to find your cathin0n3 is actually  Hexicopters instead of N3PP?


ive watched tons of videos and i have never messed with N33P, but i have a 30mg addy tolerance a day. even worth it to try it?


any help! :) thanks my group of supportive caring individuals. most of em


inserted pic of n33P

letme know:)


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if it helps, was trying to keep anonymous, but vendor has wickr similar to posted above. i have placed 2 amazing orders. 

not sure anyone has experience with this  vendor.


wanna commit to i’m just caths i’m worried about

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