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**The Ask R ANYTHING thread (Diet and nutrition related)**

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This thread will serve as a Q&A for diet and nutritional related topics. The hope is that over time, the thread itself will become a valuable resource as some questions and subsequent answers will surely give birth to some epic debates.

I will take it on good faith that if you're asking a really simple question here, you've at least tried to find the answer yourself. i.e. ", what is a macro nutrient?". I will answer the question, but so will google.  

I want to make clear that simply because I am making an 'ask me anything' thread doesn't mean I will have all the answers. If I don't know, and/or cannot research to find the answer, I will tell you I don't know. I will not give you some half-arsed irresponsible answer.  

There are plenty of guys who are more knowledgeable than myself, but aren't always around. So, for now, you're stuck with me!  

I'm off to the gym now and will be back in a few hours, so... let's get it started!






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