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Buy: (buy everything fresh - no frozen or canned):

-1 & 1/2 - 2 whole (bone-in) chickens w/ gizzards & guts REMOVED - remove skin and quarter each bird - keep bone IN. THIGHS, DRUMSTICKS, BREASTS - 2 WHOLE CHICKENS SKIN OFF.
-10 Habanero peppers
-10 large Jalapeño peppers
- A few large limes
- 5 large avocado
-1/2 bag of Russett potatoes (6)
-1 large tomato
-1large yellow onion
-1 garlic
-4 carrots
-Only ONE leaf Marjoram
-Large handful of fresh green beans
-Sea salt, fresh tellicherry black pepper to grind (Amazon)
-2 loaves of fresh baguettes or jalapeño cheese bread (soup is pretty hot, so the bread will help if spicy food is hard for you to eat)

-A couple large jugs of Pedialyte and some G2 Gatorades (reduced sugar).

Using your largest pot, wash off but don't dice or cut, put in the 1 large tomato and 1 large yellow onion. Dice up 2-3 cloves (not the whole garlic clove, just 2-3 of the "leaves") pieces of the garlic, and carefully(wear rubber gloves if you've never cooked with Habaneros before - do NOT rub your face afterwards, or the Cardinal sin of taking a piss - Habanero in your dick hole is basically like lighting your dick on fire) slice up 6 Habanero peppers. Wash off & scrub your green beans, the carrots, and the 6 Russett potatoes, removing potato skin where eyes are, and quarter each potato, but do NOT put in pan yet.

Place only these ingredients: the 6 sliced Habaneros, a few chopped & diced garlic leaves, 1 whole (unchopped) yellow onion, 1 whole (unchopped) large tomato in your large pan. Pour in 18-20 cups of hot water on top, and proceed to bring to a rolling boil.

Once the water is rolling boil, put in ONLY ONE small Marjoram leaf, and your bone-in skin-off quartered 1 &1/2 - 2 chickens, 3-4 large pinches of sea salt, your sliced up carrots, and your 6 cleaned, quartered Russett potatoes. Proceed to boil at a rolling boil (turn heat down enough to where the water is still boiling but not overflowing pan) - set timer for 20 minutes. Set and watch the pot with a large ladle spoon, using only to stir occasionally but to scoop out any foam that rises to the top - this is the grody chicken foam, so continually scoop it out and remove. At about the 10-12 minute mark, place in your large handful of green beans, and if you're really wanting to zap your flu and you can deal with the heat, place in 4-5 MORE Habanero peppers. Continue to crack in the peppercorn (black pepper is fine if you don't have fresh tellicherry pepper), stir the soup, and remove any of the chicken foam. At this time, also place your baguettes or jalapeño cheese bread in oven to warm.

Once you reach the 20-minute mark, carefully pull OUT all the chicken pieces, and lower heat to simmer. Proceed to de-bone each chicken piece; as you're doing this, shred up the chicken meat in your hands and make sure it's all cooked. Once all the bones have been removed and thrown away, place all of the chicken meat back in the soup.

This recipe is meant to be a very simple soup - not alot of complex flavors, just good chicken stock soup with plenty of hot peppers, good clear broth (salt to taste), potatoes, and very few vegetables. But it should be spicy and hot.

Prepare your large bowls (however many people are eating) as follows: slice open & quarter 1 lime per bowl (place lime on plate that bowl sits on), slice open 1/2 - 1 large avocado per bowl: remove pit & skin, and cut into the EMPTY (soup is still simmering) bowl medium-semi large chunks of the fresh avocado, and also place inside bowl 1 large washed and sliced fresh Jalapeño pepper (needs to be uncooked and dry/fresh). Once these 2 ingredients are inside the large bowl, using large soup ladle pour in your chicken soup, making sure you get an even mixture of chicken meat, plenty of the broth, potato, carrot, etc. Serve with the warmed sliced bread, and squeeze lime juice into soup as desired. Pour large 32-40 oz glass of Pedialyte to drink with meal. Continue to repeat at each meal until soup is gone! This will cook the flu out, give your body some proper hydration and nourishment, and warm you up. Make sure each meal the soup is reheated on the stove (personal preference - simply tastes better), and always prepare your freshly sliced avocado chunks and Jalapeño pepper sliced into empty bowl before pouring in the soup. As always, hydrate as much as possible - Pedialyte is ideal but expensive- most stores sell their own cheaper version which contains the same electrolytes and should be right next to the Pedialyte in the store. If you can afford to, drink 1-2 gallons per day of the Pedialyte while sick. Serve with the warmed up bread and use the sea salt and lime to taste - heal up people and remember - it's better to rest up sometimes and make sure you're all healed up before you try to jump back in at full speed - make sure you're good to go. Hit me up with any questions, get well soon people - Peace!



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