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CBD Strains & Similar Terp Profiles - Studies show “Couching” not due to “Indica” Strains.

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Anyone who has experience with lot of Weed use like myself. Will know some Indicas make u a bit perky and Socializing. While some Sativas will make you more Sleepy and chillaxed. Indica Nugs are USUALLY Dense but sometimes they can be fluffy Northern Lights is a 100% Indica and has fluffiest Buds I had ever seen in one batch and Sativas tend to be fluffy but I just got Lemon Cake which is like 90% Sativa/Indica 10% and it made Me fall asleep the other night. The Strawberry Cough is like 90% Sativa and great for Anxiety on other hand Sour Diesel 90% Sativa makes you so creative with a running mind so fast but with major paranoid feeling and or anxiety.

Weed causes no Withdrawal unless THC leaving the part of your brain that controls dreams hence daily cannabis use prevents dreaming and then when u stop daily Cannabis Bud Smoking/Vaping/Edibles you get VERY VIVID Dreams. On the other hand we got Synthetic Cannabinoids that cause PHYSICAL DEPENDANCE and VERY HARSH MONTHS on end lasting Withdrawal. Unlike real weed you can get wayyy too high from smoking just one more toke Vs. feeling perfectly find with like a very small amount less depending on the Synthetic Cannabinoids yuk! I hate them I hope they blanket ban all the Synthetic Cannabinoid RCs but than again... there is a lot of Research we can learn about them Vs. Weed. 

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