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Trumpy's Snivelling

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Posted (edited)

What is the deal with Trumps snivelling when he talks?  One thing Lyin' Ted was right about, he is a sniffler.

He doesn't seem to be able to inhale without making a loud weird nasal sniffling noise.  It was really apparent during the debates.  They have tried to minimalize it since being elected but they just can't quite get rid of it.  Last night when he was staring creepily into the teleprompter and struggling to read the words, it was very noticeable.  I have to say, that man is absolutely repulsive in absolutely every way I can think of from the way he looks (bloated dead orange frog) to his manner of speaking and of course what he says.

Trump and his cult like supporters are shining examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect.  Any Trumpy's that would like to refute this please, I welcome you.

I posted this in THE POLITICS section so all you Snowflake cry baby Trumpy's that are going to go run tell Mama, don't bother.  Either state your case or go pout somewhere else.  Or start your own thread about how mean people are to you and how fascist don't like being called fascist.  Any Steve King supporters in the fascist crowd out there?  If you voted for Steve King you are a truly truly disgusting sub human pile of shit, more so than those still supporting the Orange Clown Fascist in the White House. 

"Shut up and enjoy the ride... SNIFFFFF"


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