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Best CBD (Both THC free and not) Vendor for Bulk

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I am looking for someone who sells large amounts of CBD oil tinctures whether in one container or many. Please list your sources or PM. Thank you.

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God, i wish I wasnt moving from Colorado, I must be out of the loop because I thought you could get CBD's at any head shop. I know they are all over down South at Mr. Smokes shops all over.. These are my absolute faves, Arena 1000 mg its the highest concentrate I've found I use orally, but the isolates are far more potent. I use in my coffee, and I vape Arena or Heavy Harvest. Pictures below. And the weed I smoke is 1 to 1 like Canatonic, Pig and Whistle and Charlettes Web to kick the CBD's in. They have been a lifesaver, when I had a hiatal hernia they instantly got rid of all pain. Now I use religiously for my messed up liver. Beware, the first time I started vaping and using CBD's I literally was on the couch all day, I felt high as hell! If I use all day I get nothing done, so Im trying to use in the morning and night.




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