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My-renew Etzolam review

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I ordered from My-renew.com on May 12 and received the order around the end of May.  I posted pics earlier of the packages that I received.  I have tried the Etizolam and it is definitly potent because I have no experience of Etz in powder form I overdosed and was stumbling around.  I went to bed and after a nights sleep was still unstaeady and could not dirve and had to call into work.  I am ok now.  So it is potent - whatever it is, and I say that since I guess there is no reagent test for Etz.  I also orderd 4 - HO - MET and did reagent test it and the testing seemed to confirm that it is what i ordered.  A caveat is that I am very inexperienced at reagent testing.  I have not had a chance to try the 4 - HO.    As f or customer service, the sent me an email after I had received the order asking if I had in fact received it because there tracking system showed it as undelivered.  That impressed me.

I received the warnings below from the following posters and I don't get what there motive is.  There were several positive reviews here of myrenew and my experience confirms that  my-renew is reliable.  Perhaps they had some bad experience with Chinese vendors in the past and hold a grudge against all Chinese vendors, or they are just blowhard trolls who get a thrill form sounding authoritative.

Radceco   My-renew are well known scammers...in these days is hard to find o good an honest chinese vendor...90% are scammers

Bamblbee Look at his number of posts. He lied to you, If they send you something it would be flour or washing powder at best. They are well known scammers. Always check feedbacks in as many trusted and reliable third-party resources as possible before each purchase. 

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