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Need Help, Emergency Room advice

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My doc prescribes me Tram, 5 a day. In a monthly quantity.
Well he just prescribed last week. The bottle is gone, and
I have hardly taken any. It was for 150pills. A delivery guy
used my bathroom and they were in there. Whatever, I don't
have them I went in, and he would not give me the remainder, he gave
me 50 pills. I've taken 3 a day and I only have 10 left.
I am feeling like I want to die, already. And Severely depressed.
He will prescribe more when my next due date, in about
3 weeks. I can't last that long with nothing. I feel so bad
I can't tell you. I don't feel in control, just horrible.
He told me to go to the emergency room. He basically is afraid
to give more and he said he had to be careful. If I really have to,
can I get them via an emergency room visit? I feel like being honest
and saying it's withdrawal, but afraid they will say no. I just need
some to get me to the next refill date. Is there anything I can say
to get them in emergency room. I hate this. I don't have to feel
like this.
Also do they just give you pills there, or do you have to take a script.
Since my drugstore just filled, and they will give me trouble if I
bring in another script.

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@tacogirl   I seriously doubt they will give them to you in an Er unless it is a script after a real medical emergency.   I wouldnt tell them you are going through wds cuz then your med records might reflect that and it would make your Doc even more hesitant to prescribe.  If I were in your shoes, I would order some of a vendor on the forum and you wouldnt have to worry about your next doc visit.   Er's usually dont hand out pills and if you tell them you are in wds they would probably ask you to leave and seek treatment elsewhere.  I dont have any actual experience with that but that is my best educated guess.   I dont think they would look at wds as a medical emergency unless it was from a H overdose or something along that lines.  They would also assume you are "shopping for pills" and it could cause you further problems down the road.   Good Luck and order from someone on the forum!!

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Don't tell the ER about your real problem. They will ask what meds you currently take. Pretend you are having severe back since an auto accident some years ago. They may give the meds there or they could give you a written prescription. In either case, they will only give you a small amount of the meds. Good luck.

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This is old and I hope you got help.

Just a suggestion, keep your controls in a lock box

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blissopifree 2

@tacogirl I'd most certainly have said ill call the cops if you don't gimme them back or at the very least phone the delivery persons place of work or threaten to .Surely the tram isnt worth the delivery  guy loosing his job!?.Surely most if not all people would take this approach No?


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Don’t bother with the ER. If you don’t have a gunshot wound, you’re probably a drug seeker. If you have a gunshot wound, you’re probably a dedicated drug seeker. That’s how they will treat you. Go to your local head shop and pick up some red Bali, it will help

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