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  1. 1. I’m lost in the past but I’m going to be able to make it

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I’m lost in the game 

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Ummm suddenly I am also lost.

If there's a question here, you are going to need to spell it out for me.

If it's a game I'm not sure how to play and if it's a poll...well then I am beyond lost. 

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What i was trying to say was i have had a stroke in January of this year and i was lost as far as my confidence  to keep on keeping on so i decided to move ahead slowly but surely. Now i can  do a lot more things like feed myself take a shower cloth myself etc etc, i was totally unable to move for a long time   so i went threw rehab and i learned everything we take for granted so i was given another chance and about the poll i was trying to say does anyone here have any trouble sighing up to a international venders it was very hard for me as the sigh up process for sights like servicesolutions2u.com were very different then when i ordered a couple of years ago i emailed them i had used the right email and pass word  but was not gained access, after a long time i finally  was able to re register then i got all mixed up because which site was i trying to order from i did not no that they had more than one site.Anyways i also have a very hard time seeing out of my left eye so i say would every one be kool and try to bear with me i will most likely might make a few mistakes here or there,i am getting much better day by day,and it is good to be back, this is after all the best  D B G ON THE NET. That is the truth i will have a lot more great tips to our members as i read a  lot and have a lot of knowledge to share with everyone here who is interested.I have been around the boards for many years,i though i knew what i was doing but since my stroke sometimes i forget things.Thank You 2earls you have always helped me since the beginning of my membership and i will strive to give good information to every one here.    Thank You All. 

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