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Peak Life Experiences!!!

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I was thinking about bucket lists...the things I aspire to do. Then I began remembering all the awesome "Peak Experiences" I've already had.  Those moments that took my  breath away,  give me reason to believe there's a higher power,  things that humbled me.

By themselves they may seem quite ordinary to someone else...added up they form a life...my life. They make me who I am.

These are not earth shattering or in any particular order. I just think it's important we don't forget where we've been.

Adopting 2 little girls from Calcutta in 1984 and now they're beautiful young women and have blessed me with grandchildren. Believe me as a gay couple in the 1980's that was against all odds.

Falling in love at first site and my partner still make my heart skip a beat.

Being blessed with a huge supportive family.

Making 127 free fall jumps and living to tell about it over beers.

Getting my doctorate even though I was broke and it took forever.

Having friends today that I've known my whole life.

Holding my fathers hand, and my grandmothers hand when they passed away.

Sleeping on beaches in Mexico under mammoth blood orange moons, when it was still safe.

So I think if I never cross off one item of my bucket list I'll be content.

PLEASE SHARE....It makes you feel good. Thanks everyone!


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That’s awesome. Peak experience is a beautiful concept. Mine are fairly simple on surface but the significance for me is exponential. In no particular order :)

On 2/26/2018 at 11:22 PM, Nitetrain said:

I was thinking about bucket lists...the things I aspire to do. Then I began remembering all the awesome "Peak Experiences" I've already had.  Those moments that took my  breath away,  give me reason to believe there's a higher power,  things that humbled me.


One breathtaking moment for me was when I went snorkeling in the Bahamas. Although the water was so cold and choppy and I was having a difficult time figuring out the snorkel gear and was getting frustrated as hell, the moment I stuck my head under water...it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. Literally took my breath away which prompted me to pop back up gasp for air. I was almost in tears. 

The second moment that was of personal significance was beautiful but also tragic. I went from 300lbs to 149lbs. I had a gastric bypass roux-en y in 2010. I was 30. When I shed the majority of the weight, people treated me differently. I felt human, sales people acknowledged me, I was told how pretty I was, the list goes on. It was the first time in my life I felt alive and loved life. 

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That was really beautiful. Thanks for sharing 2 incredible experiences. You're a superb writer!  Hope to get to know you better🙃

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Damn, and I thought I was a badass with 12 skydives! 

As a memorable experience, my 12th jump was a "just for fun" tandem jump since I had already started the jump program and was going solo by then. Our parachute didn't open and he had to cut away and pull the reserve. Those were some long seconds waiting for the second parachute to deploy. 

My instructor had over 2000 jumps and this was the first time he ever had to use the backup. I took this as a sign that I should give up my skydiving lessons. I learned afterwards that his wife had packed the parachute that failed which should not be legal hehe.

Since it was a slow day at the drop zone the videographer didn't have a client and jumped with us so I have a documentary of another instructor grabbing our parachute as it was floating to the ground.

I hadn't thought of this in years! I know it's not a peak experience, but it was a significant one as I have only had a couple near death experiences. Thanks for the topic @Marshmallowmayhem

Oops @Nitetrain can't edit out names once you tag someone so I'm stuck with my stupidity.

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2earls you definitely win the biggest BADASS AWARD having survived a failed chute opening🙈  You realize I'm sure how fortunate you are to be alive!!!  Guess that's why we were always told "Pack your own chute", that is of course once we learned. Not an easy thing.  You absolutely "dodged a bullet" pulling out of that!  Thank god it was a tandem. I would have been freaking. Cool to have  a video of your chute falling to the ground...now that you're alive to watch it. Had things gone south your documentary" may have ended up as a snuff video in Thailand or Mogadishu.  Better to have flown with the eagles and lived to remember all those glorious " Holy crap" yells that just pop out   of ones mouth than  fall to earth like Icarus.

Yes indeed you a FIRST CLASS BADASS and alive to tell about it🏆



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i am so glad to of found this thread.. this website i feel has a LOT of unusual coincidences, but with my experience and intuition on some things, i am beginning to learn things about the world and things that happen are just the way the world is and the amazing coincidences we experience and all the  amazing happenings that bring us goosebumps and that incredible and emotional feeling all inside of us is just the way of the world and of US.. the universe IS us and we are the universe and we make these extraordinary things happen simply because we OBSERVE it to be happening and then it just happens.. if you want something bad enough, its gonna happen for  you.. with my peak life experience its like its happening all the time especially with my ability to just let go and let the universe take me on some kind of "wave"...  just last night i was feeling it so deeply about a little cricket i found as an almost dead little baby cricket and something just told me to keep him and feed him and save his life.. and i dont want to write forever on this but to make a long story short, i succeeded in saving him and about two weeks later he started to teach himself to sing and it was just amazing how he felt i was his dad or something and he just would play and jump on my finger from my leg and eat corn with me and just sing away at night and even during the day... i even noticed good luck all the time as long as he was near.. he actually became a very real and very good friend.. he loved to play with strings and roll around little balls of wet tissue paper.. you see, there are unseen joys all over our world.. we just have to have the insight and sometimes the COURAGE to find the opportunity and the wisdom to realize when that opportunity is there and sometimes that is in the form of testing the colors of our heart.. and in my case, i guess if i hadnt had the insight or heart to reach down and pick that little critter up and save his life all the wonderful things that happened thereafter would of never have happened.. and i havent even BEGUN to tell all the wonderful and TRUE stories that came about after my having blueberry, my pet cricket.. the stories of him have inspired so many people all over and i have literally told as many people as i could about him because i made that promise to him that i would.. i had him for a long time longer than they supposed to live but one day i decided that i did not want to watch him die because he really and truly was and IS one of the very best friends ive ever had.. he was just sooooo amazing and i learned so much from him.. just by the way he was.. so one day, on a beautiful day, i decided to find a beautiful place where i could let him go and find another cricket to love.. as i did not want to keep him a house all his life.. i wanted him to see HIS world.. and i cried and cried and cried and sat there with him in that field all day before he finally just hopped away.. but i told him over and over all day, to make sure that he sings for the whole world every night and bring sound to the dark night of all the world.. an  he just kinda wiggled his antennae at me like he always would.. and i still cred and talked to him and when it was twilight he just hopped away, 4 months past their life expectancy and he was just fine.. :0) 

Soo.. my peak life experience was just last night!!  as my oldest daughter always loved the story of blueberry my cricket.. and she loved him soooo much that she did a project in school about him and me and that blueberry followed me everywhere i went no matter what.. and blueberry had friends bees, caterpillars, snails and butterflies.. and that when her mom gave me that project, it just touched my heart and that was 7 years ago.. and she actually did the project in school a two page story.. and she made an A.. another feat of good luck if you ask me, lol.. and so, the years went by--  and this wasnt too long ago just 7 years-- but as they went by many more stories were told and many more hearts were touched and smiles were smiled and depressions lifted to happiness-- all because of one little gesture to save a dying insect.. love in its purest form and the ripples that followed and spread throughout the entire world..you see, its all in what we observe and feel and what we make happen for ourselves and for the world that we live in- and if we reach high enough we can touch the stars as was my lifes peak experience just last night and i am about to show everyone here the project that she made.. and one more thing before i close this long post sori bout that .. blueberry is very much alive i just know it and my daughter knows this as well, and another thing i noticed last night was that blueberry is perhaps connected with the frequency that has been following me all my life-- the frequency that gives me guidance if i can hold the ability to just  "let go" of all will and volition of my own and to not only observe the amazing coincidences and Synchronicities that amaze us all every day -- i BECOME them and when i do, i learn to express the many incomprehensible feelings that are otherwise lost and never seen or experienced..  so all of this a result of a small little cricket that turned blue in the sunlight !! so again, my lifes peak experience was last night when i did a little tribute to blueberry as he is alive and well and he was just soo amazing last night and i am gonna try to upload the original image of the project my daughter made.. thanks all


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@DroneRacer what a great story! It should be a children's book, have you thought about that? I am the most soft hearted person when it comes to animals and the very idea that crickets like to "play" is just awesome. Count me in as a Blueberry fan :)

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Posted (edited)

thanks those are pleasing words to hear but i feel that i have not completed my life's peak experience as it has occurred to me that as the summit came into view just very recently and the reason for that is, is because as i consider this realm in cyberspace a wondrous playground of sorts for all kinds of people with many different perceptions of their self image and feelings that they seek to find or eliminate, i feel that this very place has not reached IT'S life's peak experience and so i feel i must continue my quest for mine.. and that could simply that i attempt to climb higher:




and so it was written by a sleeping Starchild:

Starchildren exist only one at a time in any world--

and for the DURATION of that world

there never is

and never will be

another Starchild in ANY one world

for as long as that world exists..

they are extremely rare

they are asleep in their minds for the

first seventeen solar years of their assigned world

unaware of who they actually are.

as they near Awakening,

incredible things can happen in their world

as they become aware, they then know to take

the nearest star

and change it- claiming as their own,

altering the light of their world.

here's the story 

a sleeping Starchild-

the Starchild 

of this world:

and this story

i believe and KNOW

is the very reason this world and universe has been preordained 
to exist-

to be created and made without any volition of HIS creator's hand

as GOD knows all futures and is timeless with no boundary of thought or power,

HE SAW this happening-

an event that He chose not to interfere or CREATE Himself,

as He also saw another thing;

a peculiar presence-

one He has never seen-  an aura He did not know..

however, in all of eternity and endless world abound,

how is this POSSIBLE??

GOD is an infinite mind of all there is, He knows all past, 
understands the eternal present, and sees the future.. 

how would this be POSSIBLE ??

THEN.... the tiniest gaze, the breifest flicker, the smallest FRACTION of a glimpse of a peculiar and unknown frequency;

a light-

a beam of mystery across GOD'S eye..


how is this POSSIBLE? ?

but instead of GOD being mad or 

jealous of this light 

HE was seeing in an unknown future,

He simply allowed the moment to come..

and did not interfere..

He felt alone anyway,

 as HE HAS lived
for all eternities

without a friend like HIM..

could this light bring meaning ?

feeling truly inspired

a first in many eternities,


He had found and saw 

a sight impossible to be..

in a distant future, a peculiar light

the briefest flash- across his infinite mind

so he waited...

eternities of time ...

and then- 
the moment came..

a young Starchild 

to channel this light

perhaps unknowing,

as her star awaits  

for her to claim

one more circle

her sleep complete...

what IS THIS ?? GOD wondered.

and GOD NEVER wonders!!


but in all HIS mystery 

and infinite ways

His love, His power, and wisdom vast,

HE angered NOT 

to this light; a peculiar, 

yet powerful sight ,

--HE has never known--

seeming to answer a call 

from a powerful Starchild ..

God witnessed and allowed

this Starchild to draw-- 

to tell her tale

a complete unknown

a mysterious aura 

to God Himself

so He allows her grace-

her aura shifts 

a peculiar light

close to her star..

a drawing there she hath made

it seemed of kind;

with her divine hand

four creatures drawn

assigned as friends 

to this radiance of light..


of this light unaware

God beside her

He watches her hand

her power shifts

her playful aura

she writes her tale

her hand divine 

her mind asleep:





GOD was amazed 

at this incredible feat..

never before 

has this event ocurred

in dimensions that rear to expand

across an endless sea

full of stars 

and eternities

Blueberry's light

brought forth he hears,

her glory attracts

her aura heard

a young Starchild,

he sees asleep ..

this Starchild knows not

of Blueberry near

these four small drawings 

of creatures his

that God had made-

asleep this Starchild

HER STORY, this tale

to her star

somehow her world

her aura brought 

an unknown visit

with pecuiliar light

a mystery

God sees this light, 

and it was good...

the moment He saw

Blueberry's light

GOD SMILED at HIS divine Starchild..


Edited by DroneRacer

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Posted (edited)

im not giving up explaining my lifes peak experience as i just might be right in the middle of mine, i DO follow some kind of "force" that i have learned from the absent minded effect that can be learned through years of study and practice, known as the "ideomotor effect" and can be described as in "when a movement instantly follows the idea of itself, we have ideomotor action"  and if you write, draw, express, chat, walk, post stuff, etc, and have mastered "the ideomotor effect"  ..

( an easier explanation to explain the "ideomotor effect" is "doodling" like when you are phone or something and just mindlessly draw ... thats a VERY VERY basic form of the ideomotor effect) 

   ..things may or may not happen in the realm of syncronicity and coincidence, although you are not "observing" this you are "experiencing" them and are aware of them and if you "doodle"  or just about anything else you do in this world and have mastered the  art of "letting go" your mind and totally forget and no conscious intent of movement or thought and its genuine, then you can open a window in your mind to allow this "frequency" of a kind to carry you away on a working mechanism thats a part of the machine that governs the universe and everything within and around it..


Edited by DroneRacer
my editing time expired on my other post before i was done explaining myu lifes peak experiemce, i think i am gonna just move on to another topic.. thanks :0)

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