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Suboxone question

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blissopifree 2

I'm the last two posts they're very similar  both have battled opiates for MANY years.Not unlike myself,I'm now down to mid teens of done but you guys seem to have came to the conclusion that a Maintenance script is best for you as it sounds like you've both tried MANY times to free yourselves from either subs or M/done and concluded that you may need to take them for the rest of your life.Surely that's better than finding a way to fund the money you NEED to find to fund a H habit that ALLWAYS ends up costing more and more (atleast the medication your both on is of consistant quality).Unlike street H where your basically playing Russian roulette esp if mixed with fent (esp in USA) every time you jack up if that's your thing?.

Btw I appolagise if I'm wrong about the I,v bit but I know I have done in the past when money was tight or quality was bad.

Best wishes  Bliss.....

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blissopifree 2
On Monday, August 13, 2018 at 2:34 PM, Toker said:

Hey there @Rec 


I'm in a similar position as yourself it seems.

I've been on MMT for the last 28 years, and i used to tell myself that i was not taking this stuff for the rest of my life.

I am on 100mls of Methadone which i take so i can function like a normal person, so i can do a days work, so i can be 'Normal'

I know there is no such thing as a 'Normal' person, but you get my drift..

About 10 years ago i admitted to myself that i Will be on it for the rest of my life. I've been on it so long now i will remain on it.

Another factor is that i don't drink alcohol, i can't stand the taste and smell of the stuff. And in my eyes everyone has there 'Thing'

It's drink for most, smack for others and so on.. 

And if i'm to be honest, i really don't mind staying on it as i'm 49 now and Done plus a few benz0z and a couple of spliffs keeps me happy.

I'm happy with my life as it is, and as the old saying goes 'If it aint broke don't try fix it'..


Regards,  T.

Btw @Toker good to see your post,your story us VERY similar to mines😉.Wierd after talking VERY recently through pm!.You have a cpl of year's on me but no more than 5 so your story is most probably almost identical to mines.Im giving the done reduction one more go as it can be a pain being on the (Green handcuffs )as I call it.Traveling to certain countries is a no-no such as Dubai get caught taking that into that place and you may well be locked up for YEARS!,and that's with a doctor's letter ect.But like you self I work and I csnt be a productive member of society without my m/done as without it like yourself I just can't function without it.Like you sat @Toker what harm are you doing taking your medications and working.The shirt answer is NOTHING all the best to you my friend 😉


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Hey there Bliss brother..


Yeah mate, 'Green Cuffs' is Exactly how most people over here refer to done as well. And yep our situation seems pretty similar to each other.

Fair play to ya for giving done another chance at reduction. I've tried so many times and because it hasn't resulted in any success over the years

that's one of the reasons i have resigned myself to accepting that i will be taking it for the rest of my living days. And as i said earlier i really don't mind

that much, because i'm not harming anyone and all it does is helps me to function like a 'Normal' person as in i can get up in the mornings and as you

put it "Be a Productive Member of Society" by going about my daily work life, being able to look people in the eyes and engage in conversations with people,

colleagues, customers an to not have those people look back at me thinking 'He's on Something'. I'm sure you get my drift pal..


I wish you all the success in the world that your reduction attempt has a positive outcome this time around.

And i really mean that @blissopifree 2  because i know some people can feel stigmatised because of m/done plus there is other factors

that come into play like family, friends etc..

Take care buddy.


Best Regards..  T.

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I am newly on Suboxone again after an injury that led me back to abusing my pain meds and then on to my old favorite opiate and things got unmanageable fast. I hadn't used H or subs since 2010 before this and enjoyed it but not for long. I am tapering quicker than the doctor wants me too off the Suboxone and feel fine. I have gotten off Suboxone before and it wasn't too difficult, but I was never on it for more than a few mths at a time. I had to kick methadone in jail when I was younger and that was worse than Suboxone. I think if someone wants to stay on anything for life, it's their choice and Suboxone is better than using other opiates daily, even though I'm sure it's not the healthiest of choices. I love and hate opiates. I have too much positive things in my life now that I'm older and slightly wiser. I'm not going to let needles bring me down! I couldn't have handled my recent Injury without opiates though. It's just part of life. I just need to be more careful and not injury myself so badly! Good luck to everyone trying to manage opiates and still live a happy life! 

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@blissopifree 2 yes our stories our ve similar my friend I just that when something is been in your life so long and just like you said you take your meds to function as I do its not like we're taking it too far and you know how far it can be pushed... Quite a way I remember constantly battling, now I just live life as it is good to know there are other people out there in similar situations, hope you are OK all the best rec. 

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