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Has Anyone Dealt with Lymphoma???

Over a year ago masses were located between my abdominal lymph nodes and my spine--

Since then they've wrapped around my Inferior Aorta and Inferior Veena Cava. 

Apparently it's too risky to even take a sample, lymphoma is SUSPECTED but cannot be confirmed... 

Over the last year I've lost weight, the last nodes under my ears/against my jaws have swollen and hardened, and keeping anything down is A CHORE.

When I was in my late teens I had Ganglioneuroma/Neuroblastoma tumors spanning my spinal cord, left kidney, and stomach-- less than a year later had CARCINOID tumors in my Appendix, fallopian tubes, ureter, and gallbladder--

But I was a tad luckier then because all was rectified through a series of surgeries-- organ removals, etc. 

Meaning: No Chemo.

I already suffer from debilitating RSDS and now this... 

I've been waiting a year for some kind of resolution but I'm consistently told:

"Wait and See..."

I'm petrified--

Anyone have any advice????




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I'm afraid that I don't have any advice to offer, but I can certainly sympathize with your anxiety. Nothing is worse than uncertainty and then your mind tends to wander to the worst case scenario.

This is nothing nearly as serious as your story, but a couple of years ago, I got called back for a second mammogram because they saw "something". At the same time my doctor thought she felt something unusual when she was giving me a physical and pushing on my stomach and abdomen and had me schedule a sonogram on my liver. My mom had recently passed from liver cancer so of course I imagined that I was riddled with cancer and I worried myself to the point where my hair started falling out which I also attributed to cancer.

Of course it was only from the stress that I put upon myself. Wish I knew what to say to avoid putting yourself through something similar and I hope you will have the answers you need very soon. Maybe a different doctor's opinion? 

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I realize this was posted in January. I hope everything has turned out OK for you, or are you still following the wait-n-see protocol?  I am a cancer survivor myself, anyway wishing you well friend. 

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