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VPNs are Using Fake Server Locations

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VPNs are Using Fake Server Locations


Do VPNs really have all the servers they claim in exotic locations all over the world?

In many cases, the answer is no.


The true location of some VPN servers may be entirely different. In other words, a server that is allegedly in Pakistan is actually in Singapore. Or a server that should be in Saudi Arabia is actually in Los Angeles, California. (Both are real examples from below.) This is known as spoofing the true location.

Why is this important?

First, the performance may suffer if the actual server is significantly further away. Second, it’s bad if you are trying to avoid certain countries (such as the UK or US) where the server may be located. Third, customers aren’t getting the true server locations they paid for. And finally, using fake server locations raises questions about the VPN’s honesty.

In this article we’ll take a deep dive into the topic of fake VPN server locations. The point here is not to attack any one VPN provider, but instead to provide honest information and real examples in order to clarify a confusing topic. We will cover four main points:

  • VPN server marketing claims
  • Fake server locations with ExpressVPN (11 are identified)
  • Fake server locations with PureVPN (5 are identified, but there are many more)
  • How to test and find the true location of VPN servers

But before we begin, you might be asking yourself, why do VPNs even use fake server locations?

The incentives are mainly financial. First, it saves lots of money. Using one server to fake numerous server locations will significantly reduce costs. (Dedicated premium servers are quite expensive.) Second, advertising numerous server locations in a variety of countries may appeal to more people, which will sell more VPN subscriptions.

Here’s how that works…

Article Continued  -  HERE


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