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There is a big problem with Protonmail. Emails are being intercepted by a scammer who is impersonating our vendors and giving false payment information. Use a different email.

If you receive unknown Tutanota emails in your Proton inbox don't even open them. I am receiving them myself and they are obvious phishing attempts. This is affecting several vendors and I will be contacting them tomorrow and telling them to get new emails.

So far this problem is only with vendors and customers using Protonmail. 


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 You guys should check out GeneSight testing. What they do is they swab the inside of your cheek and send it in and the results show how your body metabolizes each medication  in every different category related to mental health. It took two years for me to find the right psychiatrist for my 16-year-old who  I found out on the first visit actually used this. I  had never heard of it before, but can tell you that it absolutely saved her life. Other doctors and inpatient short term treatment facilities only took a wild guess and prescribed her medication; half the time it making her worse or having severe side effects. With this test, your doctor can see exactly how your body metabolizes the medication so that you can see how much or how little of it you need in order to be on the correct dosage as well as  which medications will react better in your system to give you the best results. It was absolutely life-changing. The first medication that the doctor decided to prescribe after seeing the results is the medication that she is still on today. After almost losing her to suicide, I can tell you that this test, while not a cure-all, was definitely the largest tool in the toolbox we needed to get her better.   I also know that people with insurance  typically get it covered at 100%, and people without insurance… The company is willing to work out a payment plan for anyone because of the rising need for correct  medications and dosages; especially with mental health.   I don't want to put the website on here, because I don't want it becoming a tag and showing this website of someone searches for it, but if you just Google it, it will show up at the top of the search results. I hope this helps.  For those of you who are struggling with depression, I hope that you know that even though you might feel alone, you are not alone.

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