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Fentalog Reminiscing

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  • New Member

Sometimes i just get a rare opportunity to travel back to 2016 in my dreams and get what i like to call a freebie high and just relive the wonderful moments where i was frantically awaiting the post man to bring my chinese goodness to my door and when be did.... oh man!! 


That lovely experience of tearing the envelope apart and rushing the powder from the bag to the foil post haste and enjoying the fantastic taste of the classic fentalogs.


furanyl, tetra hydro furanyl, acryloyl fent. The greats. The giants of giants. 

ill always miss 2016 like i miss a dead road dawg. 

anybody relate to the reminiscing?

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  • Sapphire Sponsor

You're not alone.. but very few people with this nostalgia are still around.

Despite now I'm more or less clean, I never found that any of the etonitazene analogues, despite (slightly) less dangerous and with an analgesic potency up to 4x f3nta, are MILES away from the golden age of the f-analogues.
Especially the ones where people with average tolerance didn't need to cut or do volumetric dosage, like acetyl-f was deff one of the best, in terms of nice euphoria, warm body well being, and a potency of 15x morphine.
Fu-F and IBF were amazing as well. Maybe somewhat too strong for h3roin users (20-30x), but totally enjoyable, and with such a smooth taste by smoking in a meth glass pipe, effects almost immediate and with a proper duration.

Eto analogues, the only one that is passable is Etazene (beware - lot of scammers and fake batch, or other analogues delivered instead of Etazene) - this is the only one of the family without a bitter as fuck taste. But the potency of 70-90x made it very hard to handle (I usually put 1-2mg on my meth pipe, and added 20-25mg of coffeine, to make it smokable) - but the euphoria is there only the first 1-2 days, then tolerance will rise insanely in such a short time, and even worst, aside the Withdrawal that IMO is worst than with f-analogues, the tolerance remains fucked for MONTHS, and not few weeks. If used daily for several months, good luck managing to enjoy again lower potency opioids. That's why lot of sellers offering Proglumide (some of them seems to be legit) appeared on DNMs, a totally legal chemical in most all countries, that can be used both as opioid potentiator, especially efficient with oxy (only 1/2 or less dosage needed to get the same effect, taken 300mg of Proglumide orally before consumption), or before sleeping alone to help restoring the tolerance a lot faster.

Technically is still possible that in a future, when Eto analogue will get banned, chinese will be able to produce other f-analogues - with odd structure - because the chinese ban is not so strict like the USA ban. But not sure if something good could be pulled out (Brorphine is a f-analogue but was not really enjoyable). The mexican cartel of course still deliver airplanes of f- and car-f , but it's most of the time bad synth, unfinished synth, and anyway it will be cut idk how many times before you can get it. And fent is lot boring comparing to glorious analogues. Car-f is obviously great in terms of euphoria, but I would really not dare to mess up with it.

There is just no more interest for producing f-analogues, first because the eto analogues are still legal in most countries and incredibly strong (but IMO they are just too sedative, only good for nodding, and unless you re-crystallze and sweeten up them, smoking is not really doable), and secondly because they are anyway banned on all DNM and LE would hunt at sight f- sellers. 

There was rumors of a decent f-analogue with legal status in EU, but it seems nothing happened and even who used to provide such gears for years vanished. I saw few different recent papers about other synth routes for f-analogues with uncontrolled precursors, but it takes few more steps. Nothing so hard apparently, even if I've really no background with chemistry, but still, nobody will care to take the risks, the market of strong opioid is already saturated. What the world need is a proper rc opioid with a low analgesic potency but outstanding receptors affinity, some rare/obscure opioid, even with history with human consumption, < 5x morphine potency, could be lot better than oxymorphone and close to low potency fenta analogues, and with a full legal status since analogues are possible and some of them not based on morphinians.

But again, nobody care.. just money talks, and the biggest part of addicted just prefer to get the strongest stuff possible for the cheaper price and are happy enough in the way they can have their nod with long-legs for several months. When those compounds will be banned, there will be a proper psychosis, massive dosage of methadone or subutex will barely cover the physical WD, the psychological WD with such strong eto analogues is totally brutal. I talk for experience. Some people didn't had such bad WD, but many ones I've spoken with they lived the same Hell I did. The WD from f-analogues was like a lovely walk in the sun near the lake, compared to WD of eto analogues, especially if used without break for several months - or now we can say years, since they are around since more than 2 years. 

Keep the faith, we'll see after the eto ban, if some new players will enter the opioid rc scene with one of the many interesting alternatives..but I suppose this won't happen anytime soon.

Peace, and stay safe.

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  • New Member

any opiates/vendorss or places that are legit and sell opiates and hopefully hydrocodone syrup

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