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2 minutes ago, 7ohmbro said:

Randomly got in a nice 5 min convo with this really attractive woman who works at a local gas station. afterwards, got in the car and headed back to a buddys place. couldn't stop thinking about her so I went back. told her that i usually dont do this -- once again the truth -- and asked if she was seeing anyone. she said that she was. I really shocked her when I was supportive and told her that I hoped that it works out for her. 

Now, whether she was being truthful is of no concern to me; thats her perogative and I dont have an opinion on it. I want to ask though: Are like sentiments rare out there??

It's just a natural response for me but at the same time, I'm probably a fucking oddity out there, comparatively speaking. It's just mindblowing just how many people out there pretend to be positive, "good" people on a daily basis when they're anything but and have no real interest in harnessing positive energy.

It sadly is rare. I'm the only person I know who wishes people good luck in their Righteous pursuits in life when cutting ties to them for whatever reason it may be.  People want to be SJWs but then treat those in their immediate environment like shit. It really is a shame.

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I’m a bit nervous about posting this but here goes. My depression has been hitting hard lately. I’m 28 years old now and have struggled with it since I was about 7. I have a good doctor. I don’t need

@Clarissa you are so kind and helpful. You and @DoomKitty have brought so much to the forum and I am so grateful to have you both here. @CAHEpiphany I love you to death. I am so sorry your having

@Heavenlee  Im offically worried abosouley sick about you, I pray you are healthy and safe. And let us know youre okay and being taken care of. Our last convos had be really worried about you. Youre

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14 minutes ago, jtab said:

@7ohmbro Thanks for keeping it real. It is refreshing.  I have so many times felt exactly like you. I’m a man by the way @LysergamideLandscapes1938, but I never enjoyed casual sex either. I thought I was one of the only guys on this planet that felt like that. You got to have faith in knowing that one day you’ll meet the right person for you. Don’t change who you are to please ANYONE. You’ll hate yourself for it, believe me. 

All you can do is be you. Don’t give up hope that there are other good people out there no matter how hard it is to find them. Maybe the woman did indeed have a guy already? Maybe she was shy? Maybe she liked woman (you never know these days)?  Maybe she felt the exact same towards you but really did have someone else that she was keeping it real for. So many things. 

i have found women are not are open or obvious about liking a guy. Sometimes they like to make us work for it. While we will straight up say “hey, I like you or wanna go out?” They may feel the exact same way but don’t say ANYTHING at all. So confusing...

God, doesn’t moving out into the middle of no where and just doing drugs ALL day sound amazing??? I have actually contemplated doing this , but I wouldn’t have money for long.

I want to thank you for being someone supportive of others, in this case @7ohmbro. It's all too rare to find altruistic and compassionate people in this world.

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@LysergamideLandscapes1938Thank you for the recognition. I do appreciate it.  You seem to also very helpful to others on the board as well.  Empathy goes a long way. I just always try to put myself in the position of others and hope someone would be as kind or understanding of me.

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@jtab same here. I'm a strong believer in the Golden Rule, but learned through many instances of putting myself in bad situations which arise from making the same mistake over and over that treating others as I wish to be treated should never include giving the same level of trust to others straight out of the gate. Trust needs to be earned little by little, not given just because I know I wouldn't purposefully squander it and hope they'd do the same. I appreciate your recognition as well. I just know it would be a sin of sorts to have the knowledge and experience that I do and simply hoard it for my own gain and benefit but not share it with others who can benefit from it. I was serious when I said from the beginning when people came at me for asking @Heavenleefor help that I am here for the benefit of this Community just as much as, if not more than, that of my own. I appreciate everyone here who contributes toward the benefit of this Community and doesn't simply seek to exploit it.

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  • Moderators.

I don't know anyone's age here, but for me I think there was a shift in how I thought about casual sex the older I got the the more unattractive it became. Maybe because we realize it can be a waste of time if our goal is something more meaningful. I have another theory on this, but it is probably a little R rated for this thread. It's about depression and I don't want to railroad that?

I feel very lucky to be depression free for the past 12 years or so. Of course that doesn't mean that everything is always rainbows and unicorns. Think I agree with @7ohmbrothat the people I know who project overwhelming positivity tend to be fake as hell and even a darker underside than those of us who just put it all out there.

We too have contemplated moving to a rural, somewhat isolated place, but I'm not sure if it would be as great in reality as it is in fantasy. I'm afraid I would miss the conveniences of suburban life. We vacationed in a small town in Northern California and hearing about the 2 hour drive to the nearest city with all services was a bit daunting. 

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