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Greetings all.

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Hello all,


I'm Pharmia.  I've been a member of this site for a few years now, lurking, reading up, and availing myself of the resources newbies are directed to.  As others have said, this site is nothing short of splendid, and it has been a very useful resource for me in navigating things.  I've been a lurker until now, never posted, so, hello!


I was just blocked from the room in the chatbox after asking a blunt question, but from what I read of the forum rules it wasn't against the rules.  (Just asked why a thread was locked, and was cryptic/nonspecific so I thought I was being prudent and polite...read through the quoted info for new members and rules and didn't see anything forbidding what I asked.)  Are there rules somewhere separate for the chatbox?  I sincerely apologize if I violated chat etiquette in some fashion--I'm not new to "the game" per se, but I'm new to the nuances of this site.  Again apologies for immediately getting off on the wrong foot, but frankly I'm just panicking a bit right now with all of the chaos the virus has created w/respect to international, and very disoriented and confused.

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