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Generic benzos made by PCH

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Hello everyone,

PCH (short for Ph@rm@ch3m1e) appears to be one of the lesser known manufacturers of generic benzodiazepines. I did a bit of research on them and apparently they are a part of T3v@ these days, having been acquired by them in 1998. Since then, it looks like they interchangeably use the names PCH and T3v@ on their products, as I have seen pictures of nearly identical packages where the only truly notable difference is the name of the manufacturer. That seems rather odd to me, as I would have expected for them to have completely retired the name PCH by now (22 years later).

Anyway, I was wondering: does anyone here have any experience with generic benzos made by PCH? I am mainly interested in how potent they are compared to their branded counterparts. It seems hard to find information about that, due to PCH's obscurity. Another question on my mind is: how likely are generics made by lesser known manufacturers (such as PCH) to get faked? In other words: could it be that the lesser known the manufacturer, the higher the chance that the product you receive from a vendor is genuine?

Benzos made by PCH turn out to be the easiest for me to obtain, but the fact that it is hard to find useful information about them (the kind that isn't featured in the product leaflet) doesn't sit all that well with me. I feel like generics made by better known manufacturers are easier to "check" and "verify", so to speak. But then with them, the catch might be that there is a greater chance of receiving counterfeit goods. So basically, this is a bit of a dilemma where you have to try to choose the lesser of two evils.

Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to share their insights on this - I would appreciate it a lot!

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