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swifTinator replied to Hep Heptedrone.

if vend0r offers hEp "as nEp replacement" i can't take you seriously. js🤣

swifTinator replied to Smokey's Chemsite.

Track1ng is not magical , whether or not c0resp0ndence is rec1eved has little to nothing to do with a tr4cked parcel .

Track1ng is a crutch for those challenged with -The Wait- who wu…

Samtownguy replied to Post here only after you have made an Donation.

I recently sent a donation from local bitcoins it was 19.69 something like they can I get credit for that please !! And thanks!! 

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Samtownguy replied to Newbie.

Ordered landed feeling great first time not getting scammed off the net 30 of 90 were broke though bummer I’m gonna blame on shipping but others mention only 2 were broken spin arrival total lik…

Mgd replied to Hep Heptedrone.

On 5/27/2020 at 8:29 PM, Shadowclone said:

 Any tips to get more 3u4oric from it? 

Yes, buy a different/better chemical. Not this garbage.

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Mgd replied to Why hasn't MDPV made a comeback?.

Cuz its banned in all of the major rc producing counties, along with on a UN ban list. I hear its being produced in russia tho. So maybe take a trip over there, or make friends with Putin.

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DoomKitty replied to Donation questions.

@BellaDonna Yes, any time BTC is sent a miners fee is required to process the transaction.  Most wallets allow you to either choose your own fee (higher fees make the transaction happen quicker)…

2earls @superamoeba I will try to pm you and ma in DBG Chatbox

@superamoeba I will try to pm you and make sure it's working

BellaDonna replied to Donation questions.

I haven't used Bitcoin in awhile w/regard to DBG donation.  Is there a transfer fee when funds are sent to a wallet?   

mineralwalker posted Domestic....pellets? in Who offers it? How Much? .

If the info exists already I’m sorry, but I don’t know EVERY term to search.

I’ve always despised never being able to find a domestic (US) source that does pellets or blotters, namely C’ |onazolam.

Am I hunting a unicorn? Or have I overlooked sources? Mods I apologize if this is inappropriate area.


mineralwalker replied to Smokey's Chemsite.

I’ve read about possible selective scamming if you go untracked on your order. Sometimes in the webchat to order it depends who’s working, but I’ve learned, be nice lol. Sometimes they’re unwave…

mineralwalker replied to Neev.

I’ve had way too many bad experiences with Neev and swear to GOD I got a bath salts blend that was supposedly f’laup. I can handle my c’lonlam up to 2mg at once and I wasn’t on crazy cat lady st…

ncuteeta replied to Modafinshop.com.

Anyone had any recent success with them? I see they have two identical pastebins, two email. One goes by modafinilchemist one is just modafinalshop

ucdkid replied to Post here only after you have made an Donation.

Just made a $20 donation...


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Ghoul replied to Post here only after you have made an Donation.

Sent $20 to upgrade to Opal membership BrianC4

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hellfee replied to 5-MeO-MiPT to US?.

CC and TRRC sell it. Both are in approved vendors

hellfee posted I doubt it but... UT-34? in Who offers it? How Much? .

Can’t hurt to ask. I don’t think there’s any market for this stuff, but it is being sold to researchers. It’s an androgen receptor degrader. If anyone somehow happens to stumble across it, please let me know. Thanks


saywutrly replied to 5-MeO-MiPT to US?.

For some reason it took me to .net instead of .com originally.  That's my bad. 

ReallyNow replied to 5-MeO-MiPT to US?.

Rarechems was up and running yesterday when I checked it. It's up now too.

LatsDoodis replied to Bodypharm.com.

On 5/31/2020 at 6:42 AM, Biskobro said:

@LatsDoodis Have you used them lately? The website no longer works he made a new one ixirix and admin goes by X ,I can tell there originally…

LatsDoodis replied to Bodypharm.com.

The domain shut their service and the new one was up for under a week. Haven’t heard back since probably January or so. I was real close with them and I dearly miss that source. For a pretty ide…

wallabees4me31415 replied to Domestic Supply/ jwg7772.

Hi everybody! I went ahead and took the leap of faith and placed an order with him. So far all has gone really well as far as customer service quick to respond and nice. So he sent my pack today…

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JohnKimble replied to Domestic shipping.

@KeithDavid  Coinbase is easy.  Once set up use debit card to instantly buy bitcoin and make purchases.

Wiissh replied to Post here only after you have made an Donation.

Donated for opal sponsorship 

Sent 0.00197157 btc and 0.00009862 back to back to make $20 total

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sirchade replied to KinoChem.

This dude is 100% legit. He's git QUALITY customer service 10/10 

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