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  2. drjimmy1964

    [email protected] mobile

    Is there a mobil version of elect.? Googled and didn’t find out yes or no also checked App store i only seem to be able to use on my computer
  3. Today
  4. Opioidman

    Butyl Fentanyl ?

    Man seems there Is a new source from china selling fentalogues, look on the last posts in the forum. Is a source poster from the admin so think Is ok. Happy times
  5. Bren45

    Chicago ISC

    That group nabbed my pack. Unfortunately I am out of money. Sucks big time
  6. No sorry, It's out of stock.
  7. drjimmy1964


    Evening all. So.....So I wanted to start by saying that more than a few peeps have spoken to me and a few made it very important that I understand NOT to use [email protected]@base as my purchase and also way to donate to a vend. Instead, it's been told to me by a few folks that [email protected] is a good way to donate but I want to make sure I understand something and change it if I am doing things wrong. So far the "task" of getting coins using C_BAse is easy. But I've been told to NOT donate w/ [email protected] but instead use it to purchase but transfer it to a more secrure [email protected] like E!!ectrum - and from there donate to the vends. (So As soon as I think I have it down pat, I'm told I am on thin ice and NOT to do what I've been doing. Sucks cause [email protected] is so easy to use. Maybe to some of you the fees are too much ? But to me, the ease and removal of the "Double You_You" sometimes interfering and ruining everything you are waiting on to be snatched up is kind of worth the fee. I guess. Unless I am told about something better here. ) Is that ( is the short way I've described it ) the right thing to do ? C_Base is cool and all but it only allows you to link to your @wn [email protected] / [email protected] deb!t card. It doesn't have any option to use c cards. I downloaded something a while back called "B!tpay" . That in itself allows you to use a CC but takes to do a seperate site, etc... Is "B!Tpay" a good source or should I keep looking ? OR can I just still go on using [email protected] as long as I don't hold my donations there, but shoot them over to myself in the E!ectrtum [email protected] - and then feed the vends my donations from there ? I've asked this once before and I am not sure I understand or remember the answer - In a perfect world, if I used [email protected] for everything, it has a fee it charges me when I would donate. E!extrum sending donations has finally come a little easier to understand but they always stop my donation from going by asking me what fee that "I" want to use - and this is where I am lost. I think since I've only used it 1-2 times that I've put in a number that may be too much ( I kind of base it on what I see CBase take ) - I think sometimes it doesn't like the amount. How do I know what fee it is ? So for example lets say I used [email protected] to buy 1K in BTC, and mu intention is to donate it - so I transfer to Elect. From there I use Mr Vends address and enter the USD, etc.....and all that is easy. ( so say for example I'm donating 5 bills - so I have 5 left over for next time ) - but how do I know what fee to put in ?? This is where I am lost. And I am willing to read if anyone has a link to a BTC for dummies so I can understand. Maybe you can DM me if that's allowed, or if its allowed to simply explain the fee part here. Oh and @DoomKittyif I am not mistaken I thought you had said Elec. was a good place to work out of. You've been here since Windows 3.1 so I love to read your answers because your a steadfast rock of info. Peeps - am I far off in my learning ? Or do I sound like a helpless bag of used Tidy Cats ready to be tossed ?? I'd really love to know a good popular wallet that allows CC's ( probably tons do, [email protected] doesn't, and Elec is just a [email protected] as far as I know you cannot purchase just feed it - right ? ) I am by far ( I think it's extremely obvious ) NO expert with BTC so some of these ???'s may seem stupid or very easy to some of you. I'm trying to learn I thank you for your patience. I don't like to waste bandwidth, or peoples time, so whatever kinda help you can provide me I'd appreciate it. I know we've ALL been green at some point ! LOL Thanks all - stay safe out there, and thanks in advance for helping this "WHO"oligan learn the ropes. I just don't want to get tossed from [email protected] based on what some peeps have told me in DMs when we discuss BTC. Finally - I hope everything here is cool to ask - I tried to be as [email protected] as possible.
  8. Jordan87

    US Domestic DCK?

    Please post here how ur order goes
  9. Damn I have ordered from them like 4 times before and never had problems but I have heard things
  10. Jordan87

    Albion's A-PIHP

    Nevermind think I got it
  11. Jordan87

    Albion's A-PIHP

    Can someone post the link I use to have it but I can't find it please
  12. Jordan87

    Butyl Fentanyl ?

    It is smokable and is my all time favorite damn I miss having a source for that I would kill for a source for that with all the money I lost. It's been years since I did it but yes smoking is the way I used it and it is very very strong be careful start super slow It is dangerous I knew people that took one or two hits and we're out cold for a few hours not me but yeah be careful. I have looked for that one for awhile haven't seen it anywhere I had some 4fbf I believe it was a few years ago but that's closest I got and can't even find that now:(
  13. Yesterday
  14. I will be donating soon also
  15. excuse me I'm not quite sure how to edit my original post, but I wanted to update that my pack landed to the west coast in around 10 days. Everything is legit. Only advice I can give is to probably pass on the metonitazene. Garbage in my opinion. The etazene was 10000 times better. Haven't gotten much relief if any from the meto. The bromazolam is great though! So excited to help out my people who have been waiting for their benzos!
  16. Excuse my ignorance but what's bjc....I figured it out its bigjackchen....I is smartz
  17. Mgd


    Because it's scheduled 1 and it attributed to thousands of death. And if the vendor is caught he will likely spend 25 to life (look up court cases where they weren't even selling fent, they were selling u777 among other things , the naw escape me at the the moment, he has two businesses this his wife. They were highly prevalent on reddit. They got the book through at them....a quick Google search will bring them up. I recommend it's a good read.
  18. Jordan87


    Fent? Why do u say that?
  19. chondropythons

    ChemGrove.com domestic USA!

    From above post Oder placed 1/17/22 (evening) USPS first scan 11/18/2022 (morning) Out for delivery: 1/20/20222 Fast as hell delivery. Review coming
  20. buy opioids, cannabinoids, benzos and stimulants // www.three7movers.com or direct wickr/three7movers
  21. Not a fan of opioids will be put away for a rainy day or many rainy days .
  22. Bunty


    Thanks for leads, emailed [email protected] yesterday morning still waiting. Will try getxanax.com, have been on modafinil for a few months, they help a little!
  23. https://www.rainbowchemsales.com/ We Sell Research Chemicals at affordable prices. If you are looking for a long-term partner to stop your search for Research Chemicals (Opioids, Benzos, Stimulants, Cannabinoids) you are in the right place. We have a minimum order of 5grams. Send us your product portfolio and we will give you a quote. E-mail: [email protected] wickr: rainbowchem Thanks
  24. Put here your feedback about https://www.rainbowchemsales.com/
  25. Just Donated For an Opal Membership
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