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  2. swifTinator

    Hep Heptedrone

    if vend0r offers hEp "as nEp replacement" i can't take you seriously. js🤣
  3. swifTinator

    Smokey's Chemsite

    Track1ng is not magical , whether or not c0resp0ndence is rec1eved has little to nothing to do with a tr4cked parcel . Track1ng is a crutch for those challenged with -The Wait- who wudda thunk doin nADA be so fuckin hard! right? quite possibly this 'T' status effectively 'marks' said c0resp0ndence as -valuab1e 0r 1mp0rtant - just with that info alone , if privy to possible origin is 50/50 ' XXXXX are seas' cuz they mail a shitload of coresp0ndunce weekly or 50/50 sum other bullshit it still says ⬆️👆 on it. incidence of 'T' c0respundence being 'T'argeted is not unheard of. probability of a resurch3r also a c0resp0ndunce transport technician employee...tada probability of nafarious resurcher with c0respondunce trasport tech empoyee goals and aspirations .... presto probability of dude who sends hundreds of ccOrespondunces daylee ,weeks for monthz or years not knowin or gettin to know/partner/employ a trasport tech ..... abracababra h0w often c0respondence of anyother 0ther origin just not come? in past 10years= 4 times amonth my birthday is ruined cause gramama card with a 2wenty bux inside are no shows h0w often magic c0respondence not from any0ther origin just n0t arr1ve. dissapeared to where it go nob0dy kn0ws...magik! .in past ...2ye.... nah 18 months = luckily phew🤦‍♂️ that T status means opportunity t0 pay f0r (re)ship. ok next piehole spew ------i propose if data was aquisisable, errr, gettable umm analizabile? anywho , selectivlyscamability probability could MAYBE be correlated with the 18 to 734 threatening,apologetic ,ass kiss emails sent in the 48 hours since putting in the order. nah and certainly not spewin SCAM in text from piehole...from piehole in text ? on forum after the c0respondence tech shows up on monday with no ....c0respondunces ....sucks i know chrinstantmas gramifacation dopamine and slobbery dawgs are the shit ...but ya ordered friday. in conclusion , the struggle is real -pie could have prevented this post. patience is a virtue ignorance is bliss. shits just dandy if your stupid and wait around.
  4. I recently sent a donation from local bitcoins it was 19.69 something like they can I get credit for that please !! And thanks!!
  5. Samtownguy


    Ordered landed feeling great first time not getting scammed off the net 30 of 90 were broke though bummer I’m gonna blame on shipping but others mention only 2 were broken spin arrival total like 4 days total from Payment to arrival Impressed to be honest and they were what I was looking for !! Hope this helps anyone !!
  6. Mgd

    Hep Heptedrone

    Yes, buy a different/better chemical. Not this garbage.
  7. Cuz its banned in all of the major rc producing counties, along with on a UN ban list. I hear its being produced in russia tho. So maybe take a trip over there, or make friends with Putin.
  8. DoomKitty

    Donation questions

    @BellaDonna Yes, any time BTC is sent a miners fee is required to process the transaction. Most wallets allow you to either choose your own fee (higher fees make the transaction happen quicker) or have preset options like Fast, Medium, and Slow. The preset options will fluctuate since miner fees themselves fluctuate depending on a lot of stuff i honestly cant fathom lol. I always use the presets cuz its so much less thinking. If you dont give enough for the miners, your transaction might not ever go through. Hope this helps and take care!
  9. BellaDonna

    Donation questions

    I haven't used Bitcoin in awhile w/regard to DBG donation. Is there a transfer fee when funds are sent to a wallet?
  10. Yesterday
  11. mineralwalker


    If the info exists already I’m sorry, but I don’t know EVERY term to search. I’ve always despised never being able to find a domestic (US) source that does pellets or blotters, namely C’ |onazolam. Am I hunting a unicorn? Or have I overlooked sources? Mods I apologize if this is inappropriate area.
  12. mineralwalker

    Smokey's Chemsite

    I’ve read about possible selective scamming if you go untracked on your order. Sometimes in the webchat to order it depends who’s working, but I’ve learned, be nice lol. Sometimes they’re unwavering assholes, seems like tightwad management. They package well but I fear CBP is watching them. I’ve had many successful US orders.
  13. mineralwalker


    I’ve had way too many bad experiences with Neev and swear to GOD I got a bath salts blend that was supposedly f’laup. I can handle my c’lonlam up to 2mg at once and I wasn’t on crazy cat lady status with one shoe on outside talking to my reflection in the car window. I wanted to like neev, they at times had great product worth the price but there’s always some damn excuse, some delay. When I ordered once and it never showed I wrote them an email dismissing them. Three days later (fastest ever, they’re east coast, I’m west) I got quadruple my order. There’s always one issue or another so, they made my blacklist. absolute is yet to ghost me and provide a consistent composition or full of adulterants. My $.02
  14. ncuteeta


    Anyone had any recent success with them? I see they have two identical pastebins, two email. One goes by modafinilchemist one is just modafinalshop
  15. Just made a $20 donation...
  16. Sent $20 to upgrade to Opal membership BrianC4
  17. hellfee

    5-MeO-MiPT to US?

    CC and TRRC sell it. Both are in approved vendors
  18. Can’t hurt to ask. I don’t think there’s any market for this stuff, but it is being sold to researchers. It’s an androgen receptor degrader. If anyone somehow happens to stumble across it, please let me know. Thanks
  19. saywutrly

    5-MeO-MiPT to US?

    For some reason it took me to .net instead of .com originally. That's my bad.
  20. ReallyNow

    5-MeO-MiPT to US?

    Rarechems was up and running yesterday when I checked it. It's up now too.
  21. LatsDoodis


    I actually found them registered in a random state like North Dakota, in a building where one guy basically filed business licenses to have registered for purposes of sophisticated business and tax evaders - a few Saudi oil wealth corps. Receive some benefit and legitimacy without earnings ever filed. Their web host or a service they had changed the identifying info attached to domains. I bet these guys will be back, if you get a hold of that website I can reach out and see if I recognize anybody particular.
  22. LatsDoodis


    The domain shut their service and the new one was up for under a week. Haven’t heard back since probably January or so. I was real close with them and I dearly miss that source. For a pretty identical source, hghdaddy.ws. Same product quality and all pharma. Shipping took weeks but that was March. They claim from now on 2-3 days. It’s a tad less favorable to me than bodypharm, so I hope those guys pop up again. They claimed 15 years in the game before starting bodypharm, so could be less global or restricting business to large buyers.
  23. wallabees4me31415

    Domestic Supply/ jwg7772

    Hi everybody! I went ahead and took the leap of faith and placed an order with him. So far all has gone really well as far as customer service quick to respond and nice. So he sent my pack today just as he said. Will report results when pack arrives.
  24. JohnKimble

    Domestic shipping

    @KeithDavid Coinbase is easy. Once set up use debit card to instantly buy bitcoin and make purchases.
  25. Donated for opal sponsorship Sent 0.00197157 btc and 0.00009862 back to back to make $20 total
  26. Last week
  27. sirchade


    This dude is 100% legit. He's git QUALITY customer service 10/10
  28. wallabees4me31415


    Just an update on the current situation. R@pidRese@rch has contacted me and told me my package was shipped today and my ID with USPS confirms that. Still no word from qu1ckc@ndy and no pack in the mail.
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