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    Domestic 3 fpm

  3. aynsoph


  4. askABOUmyDOG


    I hear ya, but I am 4 for 4 in 2021 and my first order from December that went MIA was recently reshipped. I think it’s worth the gamble, each time I order 5-8 substances...
  5. Yesterday


    Is there was way to contact these guys? I'm curious if they will be getting 3-fpm back in stock.
  7. aynsoph


    @kranulitis It's OK. You're kind of right and I am just nitpicking. I sent them a nice email and gave them some advice on how to improve stealth. I hope they really heed my advice. I can't mention packaging but there is one flaw that they have that can be easily corrected.
  8. Bks3080

    Help looking for the real deal

    You won't find it here, try onion
  9. kranulitis


    I'm being kind of a dick I suppose but they have been nothing but good to me
  10. aynsoph


    @kranulitis OK. I'm not picking a fight nor playing the victim. I know I've been complaining a lot recently. I'm finished.
  11. kranulitis


    Dude...get a grip. You're victimizing yourself and using examples that are out of Chemagora's control. If a customer that spends a lot of money had a fucked up order they would probably take care of them rather than sending you a single pellet in the mail. Chemagora is more expensive than DNM vendors bc they operate a legal (semi legal?) business rather than a DNM storefront. I've only ever had good interactions with them and they even went out of their way one to fix one of my fuck ups
  12. aynsoph


    @kranulitis No, I have not had good customer service. This has turned into a $60 loss for me with what I have to order now through Paxful and I could have just said that I never even received my order and gotten five free pellets with a re-ship. I'm not one of these rich people who orders in bulk. If not for my family, I would be homeless for sure! When ordering five pellets and receiving only four, that is 20% of the order. Imagine ordering 100 pellets and only receiving 80. Wouldn't one contact customer service and expect a resolution then? Wouldn't one have clearly opene
  13. @mountaincat9 i just did it. Thanks hun for the help. Oldie but still a newbie at it. Lol
  14. mountaincat9


    @ivystrm Welcome! Glad you donated & don't have to lurk anymore!! I hope you find everything your looking for. Everyone is here to help.....enjoy!:)
  15. kranulitis


    Out of all the vendors out there I think they may have the best customer service. If they reshipped an extra pellet every time someone accused them of miscounting, theyd be sending a lot of pellets to people that likely received their full order. Maybe they did screw up but I would just cut it as a $6 loss
  16. Good Afternoon my Fellow warriors! Donation made to continue diamond. i forgot. Do you let us know? Lol. Sorry. this forum is amazing! Despite some vendors who harass you for months for telling the truth on their forum. but blocking him on my personal is working. He keeps changing his address. Is there a way for me to have admins to help? Its been going on now for 3 months. And its a lead vendor. I got another random teasing email this morning. Im tired of it. I did not respond. But i shouldnt be harassed from a vendor I dont buy from because this started happening after a misun
  17. @PSBrowndocs Hope I made sense. I think it cuts off the same day you joined so I think you'll lose your status by the end of the day on the 25th. You still have time:)
  18. Great. I began donation in April. Do I have until end of April to donate again to keep my status? Or a specific date? I dont want to lose access. Lol
  19. @PSBrowndocs I believe it cuts off to the day so I wouldn't wait.:)
  20. aynsoph


    I miscalculated, the total amount of days in transit after being marked as shipped and it was actually seven days with a Sunday in-between, making it six business days for the 20mg 4HO-MiPT pellets to arrive. I received the order of 10 150mcg pellets of 1cP-LSD today, but testing won't begin until about three to four weeks from now. Ordered on the evening of Tuesday, April 6, marked as shipped on Thursday, April 8, and received on Friday, April 16. Eight total days in transit with a Sunday in-between making it a total of seven business days in transit. Note that I am in the extreme south
  21. Great. I began donation in April. Do I have until end of April to donate again to keep my status? Or a specific date? I dont want to lose access. Lol
  22. @PSBrowndocs Yes the same way:)
  23. Handsley

    Suboxone withdrawal?

    I thought the Kratom was useful in taking away that feeling of wanting to scream. It's not as strong as the subs. I took it right away and didn't wait for too many withdrawals. I recommend Herbal Cafe. You do need to do take a LOT of kratom to feel effects. I would recommend chamomile tea, hot, melt the kratom in that and then put lots of honey in it. Use an extra large teacup. I tried a lot of their blends, but liked the cafe energy blend the most since my worst side effect was fatigue. Taper the sub if you can while you up the kratom. I had a big cupful of the tea 3 times per day.


    So this place is legit?
  25. How do we renew our annual? Same way as we started?
  26. Blake33

    Suboxone withdrawal?

    Yeah man I honestly don't even know if you will feel their kratom or not until you have been off of the subs for a bit. Considering the affinity of Suboxone for the mu opioid receptor is very high and subs have a very long half life, you may need to stop the subs for a couple of days, wait until you are in WD and then start taking the kratom. Almost like a reverse Suboxone induction for a lack of better words. Of course, this may not be entirely true and you might feel some of the kratoms effects a few hours after taking the subs, but if I were a betting man I would say the former is the
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