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  2. Lol, I get advertisements for it all the time * Ha!
  3. Just curious, has anyone in the states heard of or tried donefirst, or another company named cerebral? They claim to give a prescription after a video conference with a licensed provider. I get adds for it all the time now. I read reviews, seems like a possible way to get a diagnosis/ prescription.
  4. Gaslitt


    Heard some good reviews about this one... Anyone know the best place that has it?
  5. 2earls

    USA eliminates Spain to advance to the semifinals!

    I may not have been posting, but I have been glued to the Olympics. I like it so much that I wish I could watch all the sports, or at least all the sports that the US is competing in. Saw this game and the one before it. Swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, you name it - and of course my old sport - track and field. Believe it or not, I was on a relay team that won the Junior Olympics, held the national record and were just all around big time in the kiddie scene. Thank goodness I started young because I did not grow up with the body of an Olympian. The rest of me caught up with my then long legs along with too many curves. Oh well, I would not have had the discipline for it anyway. But enough about the far distant glory days. I would love to go to the Olympics again what it comes to L.A. I was lucky enough to attend the last time and it was a fantastic experience. Yeah, I'm old. But you will never feel as patriotic as being at the Olympics shouting USA USA all day long. Tickets were by lottery so you have to apply for twice as many events as you can afford and hope for the best. We were pretty lucky with our draws and only got one dud which was the bronze medal match in men's basketball. It was like Hungary vs Bulgaria or some such uninteresting match. Had 3 sets for track, the gold medal women's volleyball game (which we lost to China) and a couple nights of boxing back in the day when it was great. Saw Evander Holyfield before anyone knew who he was. OK I've droned on long enough, but I don't have many people who are into sports like I am so I will be happy to hear any of your impressions on the Olympics. Simone Biles? Poor Connor Fields?
  6. DoomKitty

    Scale Suggestions?

    Just want to say that in my post previous to talking about (i guess what now need quotes around it lol) the "trick" i mentioned i am only measuring 10mg and more, and that anything smaller i make a solution. Never intended that "trick" to be referring to anything smaller than that. Is my 10mg with the "trick" super precise? No, but i also dont have 1000 to blow. And i know that if my 10mg with the "trick" isnt precise, neither is my 20mg or 30mg or 40mg or 50mg i make a solution with. All because, yes, i have a cheap scale. And thats the scale 99% of users will buy. The larger the weight the more likely you will be to be closer to what you are intending (hence the "trick") but it will NEVER be what you think on a cheap scale. Thats why you always practice other HR methods when working with chems. My best advice: make solutions from the highest soluble weight of drug for everything regardless of dose size, and never treat them as precise so slowly titrate up from smallest amount using only once per day over as many days it takes until you get the desired effect. 99% of users wont do this tho. Hence, attempting to provide users with a safer method for using. When i did community based harm reductions in the streets we worked with what people had, were capable of and/or would actually do so that they could be safer, because perfectly safe is not possible with self regulated drug use in the vast majority of cases. Anyways, i should've re-mentioned the fact i never measure anything smaller than 10mg with my scale, and i should've mentioned that people should practice other harm reduction and not have a false sense of safety with anything really. Hopefully future readers will read through the whole thread instead of just seeing my "trick" post, and make their own informed decisions having read everyone's thoughts/opinions.
  7. Conjecture00

    Scale Suggestions?

    Currently, I am not dabbling with any supercritical substances where dosing has to be exact to the milligram or microgram... so for the time being, the "scale trick" works for me right now. Do I trust this Amazon scale is measuring precisely to the milligram now due to the "Trick"? Lol, absolutely not. Dont worry, I wouldn't use it to dose out such critical compounds. I am an engineer by trade, so I'm not that naive when it comes to the importance of measurements, especially when so much is at stake. You are right... initially I was looking for milligram accuracy, which a professional lab scale is the ONLY option to ensure you get it on point... as well as environmental controls set to keep misreadings nonexistent. Most of those come with a cover to keep their own microenvironment free of such adulterations anyways for ultra precision. I appreciate you looking out man... that's what this community is for. Have a good one!
  8. 2earls

    Helpful Quoted Info For New Members

    Welcome to the new members, we are genuinely happy to have you with us and hope you will want to participate. If you are reading this and haven't posted yet, please post in Introductions and we will try to get this thread back on track to its original intention which is to post helpful tips for new members. I'll start with look for the contact info for each vendor at the beginning of their thread. Most of the websites are outdated or no longer in existence at all so email is how to make contact in these cases. All information is kept up to date so don't worry if the contact email was posted years ago. It just means that vendor has used the same info all that time.
  9. Hey everyone, long long time lurker but recently my home away from home forum was taken out by reddit and even joining reddit so 'late' in the game in 2018 was painful to say the least as i was very spoiled you could say at the very least. my first online community i ever truly participated with daily and religiously was an old old ancient fossil by today's standards but perhaps someone here might recall chemsRus? was such a lovely community but i heard that the owner may have passed away or something like that and then it became ChemsArUs i believe not long after and it just never was the same. i have had around 11 years now give or take 'swim'ing (lol with the pet rats and seeing eye alligators of old forums hilarious past writing styles) these waters and its never a bad thing to have a intelligent and experienced community around you in the lifestyle i adhere to so i hope to become acquainted with you all in due time. thanks for the opportunity to be here, it means a considerable amount to me that places like this not only exist but i do my part to share what i can to prevent harm from anyone who could benefit from my doing so
  10. @Paperdreams Here is a PDF specific to the RapidResponse strips: RRStrips. It says that high concentrations of stimulants can lead to false positives and suggests adding more water and testing again so it isnt so concentrated. Let us know how that goes.
  11. Yesterday
  12. BrokenLeashesAllOverTheFloor


    Hell yeah. They have never let me down. Only 1 other international RC vendor can compete, and you know who that is. They just don't have as large of an inventory.
  13. BrokenLeashesAllOverTheFloor


    Yeah I think they're scamming now. I found them just a few months after they opened. Best eh-teez-o-lamb I've ever had and I knew it would go fast so I stocked up. So glad i did. I still have about 4 grams left. It's like a good nugget for me. They were outstanding in the beginning though. Quick to respond, 4-7 day ship time. They even shorted me 25mg on a 100mg diclo order once and I called them on it, so in my next order they sent 100mg for free. The good ones never last long. What a shame. 😔
  14. TSprinkle

    Best Pyro?

    @Tylenol could you tell me where to find the a-pcyp please?
  15. KeseyTest


    I've been waiting 9 days since I ordered with them. No replies to 3 emails, no tracking #... idk. Not a positive feeling
  16. BrokenLeashesAllOverTheFloor


    Does it kill the customs agent when they remove it though?
  17. EasyMoneySnip3r

    Psicopharma tradea 10mg rit - test strip result?

    @Bks3080 was thinking a false positive too lol no way
  18. EasyMoneySnip3r

    Psicopharma tradea 10mg rit - test strip result?

    @Paperdreams on rit???? That’s unbelievable
  19. EasyMoneySnip3r


    how to use an extract from the brains of pigs to rehabilitate your brain, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce withdrawals from drugs, delay tolerance development from drugs, protect yourself from neurodegenerative disease, and more: Consequently, I’ve devoted a lot of time in the last two years to the study of neurogenesis – the reason I have a long series on serotonin. Cerebrolysin is one of the only commercially available formulation of actual neurotrophic molecules. When I discovered it, I experimented with it so extensively that I think I may be the single human who has most used Cerebrolysin. What is Cerebrolysin? In 1949, Gerhart Harrer discovered that enzymatic hydrolysis of brain tissues produced a substance that stimulates nerve cells. It was subsequently registered as a drug in Austria by 1954, known as FPF1070, and has since become a commonly used medicine in East Asia and Eastern Europe, though it has yet to gain popularity in North America and Western Europe. Cerebrolysin is a protein-based mixture of free amino acids (20%) and active, low molecular weight amino acid sequences (80%) that include the brain growth factors brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF), nerve growth factor (NGF), and ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNF). 1. Endogenous growth factors: a. Cerebrolysin administration upregulates nerve growth factor, brain derived neurotrophic factor and IGF-1 2. Oxidative stress and inflammation: a. Cerebrolysin administration consistently reduces markers of inflammatory cytokines (e.g. TNF-a), reduces markers of oxidative stress, increases glutathione activity, and consequently protects neurons from apoptosis 3. GSK-3B: a. Like donepezil, Cerebrolysin has been shown to inhibit glycogen synthase kinase-3-beta (GSK-3B b. Inhibition of GSK-3B and cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (CDK5) activity are the reasons Cerebrolysin decreases beta amyloid deposition and microtubule-associated protein tau phosphorylation 4. Plastic changes: a. Cerebrolysin induces plastic changes to dendritic morphology. Chronic Cerebrolysin exposure in aging rodents increases dendritic spine density and dendritic length in pyramidal neurons of the PFC and granule cells of the dentate gyrus. b. Cerebrolysin reverses endothelial permeability dysfunction by reducing proinflammatory and pro-coagulation proteins and by increasing tight junction proteins.
  20. EasyMoneySnip3r


    @BrokenLeashesAllOverTheFloor I have used smokeys good quality, top notch actually. My favorite ehh top 2 currently!
  21. Kevin durant aka the best player in the world 29 pts | 2 reb | 4 steals | 10-17 FG 🇪🇸✅🇺🇸 Olympics mens basketball USA Advances to the Semi Finals
  22. Donation sent about 6 hours ago, for opal. Transaction went through. I emailed and PMd but have not heard anything. Thanks! for $21.00 of BTC
  23. Was wondering if anyone has tried the aspad0l brand of t4pent4d0l vs nucynt4 brand. Seeing the aspad0l a lot more now and before I ordered, just wanted to make sure they are the real t4pent4d0l, as I've had great experience with the other brands. G00gl3 didn't provide much answers. Thank you, Jiub Ps: hope this is the right section to post this?
  24. EasyMoneySnip3r


    We all know someone who claims to be a master of their craft right after they get started. Maybe you’ve been guilty of it before. This is something you have to make yourself very aware of... It’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect. It's a cognitive bias where you greatly overestimate your knowledge or competence in an area even when you have very little actual experience and expertise. Basically, the moment you think you "get it"... You're actually just starting to learn. This fake sense of mastery is exactly what holds so many people back from learning and improving on their craft. Real growth comes from the understanding that no matter how much you think you may know... No matter how good you think you may be... No matter what results you've been able to produce... You will always have a lot more to learn and improve on. This is perfectly represented by the Dunning-Kruger effect. At first, you understand that you don't know shit... But as you take in a lot of information quickly, you start to get a false sense of mastery. Eventually, you start to realize that even though you know a lot more than when you started... You still don't know shit, which humbles you to the long and slow process of true mastery. I promise you this... You aren't as good as you think you are. Keep your head down... You have a lot of work to do to become a true expert.🔥🔥🔥 day 73/75 of 75 hard program ✅
  25. CAHEpiphany

    Longflourish RC

    Plenty of experience with them, no issues on my end, just good mags with reasonably quick landing to the us of a.
  26. Ejuiceman

    Scale Suggestions?

    i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that "scale trick" won't work accurately on any non-lab grade $1000+ scale. Sure, you'll get the number to move easier every time you add weight, but it still will not measure 1mg increments accurately. You said in your original post that you wanted to be able to measure 1mg quantities, there is no "trick" for doing this on a cheap scale. For example, lets say that you want to weigh out 2mg of etizolam. You could do the "scale trick" on your cheap-o gemini, and end up weighing out 9 or 10mg easily, and think you're only taking 2mg. Not a big deal with a forgiving substance, but the difference between taking a desired 2mg dose of something, and a 10mg dose of something can be astronomical. DoomKitty is the man (or woman), and I respect his or her opinion on most things, but this is bad advice.
  27. Conjecture00

    Scale Suggestions?

    Definitely would be expensive. I have since checked out the prices of some lab grade scales, Haha, well into 1000+USD. Nah, dont need that kind of precision... now that DoomKitty elaborated on the "scale trick" above, that works perfect for me to volumetrically dose from there if needed.
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