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Pilliam posted Vendor Lists in Suggest new Research Chemicals RC's Vendors.

I cannot vouch for any vendor on either list, but I found an archive of the (now banned by Reddit) old Subreddit r/RCsources. The list was vetted by Redditors, calls out scammers or questionable sites:



I also found this Pastebin listing US and Canadian RC Vendors.






Hammerblow replied to Overview of Hypogonadism.

@porkandbeansboy of course external factors such as diet, lifestyle etc  will play a role in your natural test levels of a ‘healthy’ male. A man who has a good diet, bmi, exercises, doesn’t smok…

Jesse replied to Bitcoin: Explain it like I'm 5?.

Well, this is neat. Now it looks like I have $15 in Coinbase (whatever the fuck Coinbase is), but instead of 5 to 7 days, now it's saying I can't access it for 11 days? That is a weirdly specific…

Jesse posted Bitcoin: Explain it like I'm 5? in Welcome to Drugbuyersguide.

I'm trying to donate, but I cannot figure out bitcoin to save my life!  Is there a "Seriously, Explain It To Me Like I'm Five Years Old" tutorial anywhere---here on the forum or anywhere? I am tearing my hair out! 

I not only want to donate here, but I want to make several other purchases totally unrelated to this forum. More and more places are accepting Bitcoin, so I'd really like to learn how to use it.

However, Paxful (which seems to come highly recommended) is saying I can only buy $50.

Ok, I'd rather actually buy the amount that I want, but I could just buy $15. But then it says I can't access it for for 5-7 days. I assumed that meant if I buy the bitcoin, I have to wait 5-7 days to....move it into my wallet? Or to make a purchase with it? Except I don't seem to be able to buy it AT ALL. Do I have to start an account and then wait 5-7 days?

And THEN---because I apparently badly need to go to back to school---I can't figure out the wallet at all. I downloaded Electrum (again, comes highly recommended), but....now what do I DO with it??

I've been searching the forum. I've tried Googling for bitcoin tutorials, and everything I've found is over my head. I don't even know what they're talking about! 

And then somehow I wind up in Coinbase. WTF is Coinbase? How did I wind up here?

I am so confused....can someone please help a dummy over here? Thanks!

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Well, this is neat. Now it looks like I have $15 in Coinbase (whatever the fuck Coinbase is), but instead of 5 to 7 days, now it's saying I can't access it for 11 days? That is a weirdly specific number of days.... 


swifTinator replied to Looking for reliable vendor for psychedelics.


piece of paper size of a stamp  + large volume of parcels = on the downlow, untracked better.

2earls replied to Donation questions.

@dollygirl5531 much appreciation for reading the rules. Yes, my "guide" such as it is, is still current. You may want to branch out to other sellers because as I understand it Coinbase isn't the…

dollygirl5531 replied to Donation questions.

@2earls hi 2earls, I’m fairly new (I’ve been reading the tons of different forum topics for WEEKS & YOU are the most knowledgeable of all. I saw your explanation post for donating & it’s…

Eva Sollars posted 6 ways to stay on your medication plan. in All about depression and antidepressant medicines.

Take control by using helpful gadgets and talking to your doctor about reducing your medications.
There are many reasons why people are unable to stick to a medication regimen prescribed by a doctor, such as high costs or drug side effects.


Biskobro replied to bigups4real.

Bigups says he might be outta commission till the 26th .Pastebin has been deleted in case scammers try and use his name .Good day All 

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KtotheD replied to California.

Hi all. I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share their good F2F in Southern California particularly Orange County County, if possible. Los Angeles or San Diego will work too. I am legi…

Elway76 replied to Bluekem.

Ordered on 7/30 got order confirmation from BlueKem immediately and nothing since. My one email went ignored. Then I read on here about Cam hospital ‘nonsense’. (Don’t take money and tell us this…

DroneRacer replied to 5 Letter Game.




Whispers Have Inadequate Phrases Sometimes




Jeramoocariboo replied to Newbie from Canada.

I know one Canadian vendor only so far and he sent with 5 days from east coast to west coast. I must say it's working not sure if I'm aloud to post names.or vendores though

Jenova replied to bigups4real.

@emersonredux Yeah I just noticed... weird it said it was deleted when I went to it but I probably messed up copy/pasting it.

sabizos replied to Two-fdck to/in the US.

i placed an order friday still no tracking, the subreddit is down and the other 4 ppl i talked to also say they cant get ahold of him

Nirvanadone87 replied to Ordered seized by the U Customs and Border.

got one to day for the 1st time in a long time took my etiz3st even though its legal here and couple hundred pain0s0ma

porkandbeansboy replied to Overview of Hypogonadism.

I have Read in Studies that Men don't necessarily get Lower Testosterone due to Aging by itself but from the Decline in Health from when Men Age which makes total sense since Testosterone Levels …

PennyE replied to St. Anky, R.x..

13 hours ago, Blackheart said:

I am far overdue for reviews, I'd guess 8-9 total but I literally donate and let them pick everything for me. These people have hearts of gold and tr…

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KtotheD replied to Drug delivery chemist new here!.

Noob to this with legit condition and literally every test result to prove it. But still getting hassle, taper, etc. The political scene of denying to maintain us CPP's brought me here. Looking f…

KtotheD replied to California.

On 5/4/2013 at 12:05 AM, Mike511 said:

Looking for a liberal doctor in southern california. Tried one care medical as it was suggested on another forum. Bad idea, they do drug scre…

Biskobro replied to New Domestic Benzo Vendor: domesticRC.

Ok I confirmed it with the Admin of the discords I mod Dom took off last week claiming to fill outstanding orders and he's done nothing .Deff a possible exit in my eyes .....

emersonredux replied to bigups4real.

@Jenova https://pastebin.com/2R9NMky3

still up

Looks like the 26th in his pastebin was his other date. I belive him or he could come back tonight just gotta wait. Someone c…

sabizos replied to Hey just found your site. Hope its what i think it is.

Google the nearest m3thad0ne clinic and apply. You might find some solid opiate pill hooks but they will dry up eventually. you best bet is to join a m3thadone clinic and then go for buying pill …

Biskobro replied to New Domestic Benzo Vendor: domesticRC.

Yea I was skeptical too of the name .He goes by TheDom on discords I mod.He did a sample run to be a  verified vendor and receive that roll.Samples went successful but after that some ppl still w…

sweetmelissa589 replied to New Domestic Benzo Vendor: domesticRC.

I don't buy it either.. it's screaming scam!

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