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Mgd replied to A-pcyp. LARGE CRYSTAL.

 Its likely to be barely active, if at all. Another attempt to sell garbage as a "apvp replacement" Dont waste your money on this one guys. 

bigjackchen posted A-pcyp. LARGE CRYSTAL in General talk about Research Chemicals RC's.

Formal Name :2-cyclohexyl-1-phenyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)ethan-1-one
Chemical Formula: C18H25NO
Molecular Weight: 271.40

alpha -pcyp is a synthetic stimulant drug of the cathinone class developed in the middle of 2019 which has been reported as a novel designer drug.
α-pcyp is a substituted homologue of α-PVP, having an cyclohexane replaced the alkyl side chain,regarding the potency of alpha-pcyp in the brain, chemist Michael H. Baumann of the Designer Drug Research Unit (established by Baumann) of the National Institute on Drug Abuse stated: "alpha-pcyp might be even more potent than alpha-PVP"

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 Its likely to be barely active, if at all. Another attempt to sell garbage as a "apvp replacement" Dont waste your money on this one guys. 


Baddr replied to Methadone.

Like everyone else is saying, check the SY vendors for legit mdone pills, but I believe some US vendor might have prefilled capsule with pharma grade powder, haven't checked in a min.

Cwake24 replied to Methadone.

psicopharma makes the 40's being sold by one of our trusted email vendors but I"m not even going to say who. Methadone 40's were what catapulted me into an extreme opioid addiction at age 18 unt…

Guest posted Yellow AX Pill?? in All About Pill Identification.

Need help identifying a small yellow oval pill with AX on one side and a score for halving on the other. I can’t find anything online, so any help with it is much appreciated


takingiteasy replied to speed of stuff getting not so legal.

Thanks. I thought cold = low humidity = less water-souk-up but that is perhaps only a problem in hot and humid countries. 

Good seal, vacuum is of course always the best.

Roxyanne replied to could you recommend a vendor who still has quality Kratom?.

On 8/16/2019 at 4:08 AM, domesticrc said:

botanical bunny in my opinion, but ive never tried anything else other than headshop BS. it tastes good too

I ordered a to…

Cwake24 replied to Flubromazolam.

Hey guys go to approved RC vendor section RC1 thread our guy there has It, half gram order minimum unfortunately no pellets or blotters found yet but powder if you know what youre doing you can b…

Roxyanne replied to Hi - maybe starting a vintage RC?.

@Synaps3 mmm vintage pharms, only one thing comes to mind tho:  get us some Paregoric please 😁

OfficeGirl replied to Domestic US Hexen or NEP?.

I knew i  got ndh instead of nep/hep from a vendor which was well known a couple months ago. A certain vendor said he supplied them with there sources in a locked thread. That stuff I had to go t…

porkandbeansboy replied to how to become a VIP member?.

On 10/9/2019 at 12:02 AM, Hammerblow said:

@Biskobro Lol I may have went slightly over the top 🤦‍♂️ But it’s this idea becoming a VIP member gives you access to hidden layers of pr…

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DoomKitty replied to Bitcoin: Explain it like I'm 5?.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Cashapp

Thats a youtube tutorial on buying/selling/withdrawing BTC using Cashapp on a smartphone. 

How To Set Up An Electrum Wallet


Jacob Jashers replied to Domestic RC vendor. With Stims.

Benzo rc's are covered but I'd like some US to US 3-fpm.

kimmark1 replied to Bitcoin: Explain it like I'm 5?.

I am very confused. The one's that ask for id and pic say it is too blurry....The bitcoin sellers that I think will go through and I try t

o communicate through chat just stop respond…

mark6699331 replied to Bitcoin: Explain it like I'm 5?.

So until this knowledge is available, is quickest way use smart i or gal. type phone and cash app from bank to a

wallet and then vendor? I was well versed with computers in late 80's …

Biskobro replied to Flubromazolam.

@Cwake24 due to Flub's potency most smart vendors are doing blotters  because it really should be dosed by the micro gram that way you get no hot spots if done correctly ......

mark6699331 replied to New rules on USPS "anonymous mail" take effect today. READ THIS, TELL YOUR VENDORS!.

thanks for heads up! More anxiety for me espcially now the us gov is taking licenses form almost any all docs who dare give

proper treatment (literaly) and I have to find my own way t…

Biskobro replied to Any new DRC equivalent? (Rc benzos).

Yea the DRC days were all good man ...Domestic too which was great .Nobody has taken there place but I have got pressies and blotters recently. Now I just go with the real deal etiz in the box st…

Roman replied to Donation questions.

Will a Blockchain wallet work to make a donation? and is bit4coin.net a good site when you are in the EU?

mark6699331 replied to Methadone.

ditto however being in chronic decades long pain I did find FOR ME at least never going over 5-20mg and varying from said five to twenthy

everymonth to keep halflife build up very low…

mark6699331 replied to Dilaudid (HYDROMORPH0NE).

Arrrgh! me too i'm bigtime back deformities and for about 12 years got 180-270 month now nothing. I just thought that was normal.

Is there no compassion in the modern dr office or gov…

mark6699331 replied to Etizol@m.


or @fatherthyme

I AM interested in affordable bulk source of tiz from indy or us-us if reasonable also- live in norcal- leg here-

just hard find- Med…

EuroMeds replied to Bitcoin: Explain it like I'm 5?.

Getting a smart phone is definitely a wise idea..you can find a high quality older phone for a small amount of money.

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mark6699331 replied to Dexedrine, anyone know where to buy or something similar, (besides Adderall and Ritalin)?.

thanks good tip from rip

and btw, my friend easily got dis oxEn for years and years and it's NOTHING like math if you ask me. For my system those math

formulas make me as O…

mark6699331 replied to desoxyn.

Im curious about above as well. I have friend (actual is real friend) who got dis- ox lyn for years of the farm. I'm not big fan of this

type of magazine sub's but WoW that was such c…

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