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veggieragz replied to The Holidays at DBG.

the holidays stressss me out but I love the decorations so much-I’m a xmas lights in the apt. all year round kinda gal they’re just so dreamy. Thank you @Admin love you so much @DBG

Olart Pharma replied to Clen.

@TRJ29 I have a great deal on Clenprime 40mcg and other weight-loss medication. Check out US-US section for OLARTPHARMA  

Alfapharm replied to Buying Bitcoins safe and cheap from USA.


When you opened your wallet at Blockchain.com did you do it with USA registration?


Because @DoomKitty wrote above that Blockchain does not work as…

Alfapharm replied to Buying Bitcoins safe and cheap from USA.

30 minutes ago, LatsDoodis said:

I recently created a blockchain wallet from the US and was not asked for ID at all. Ii think amounts greater than a particular number may require t…

LatsDoodis replied to Buying Bitcoins safe and cheap from USA.

On 12/6/2019 at 6:44 AM, DoomKitty said:

That wont work with Blockchain as they ask for a live photo of you, your official identity document and one of you holding the document bef…

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LunaLovegood replied to The Holidays at DBG.

Seconded. Love the decorations

dudleydoobad32 replied to St. Anky, R.x..

I've never had a bad experience with any vendor on this forum but St. Anky tends to stand out. They had something come up and ky package was a day late in being mailed, which is no big deal whats…

Biskobro posted The Holidays at DBG in Introductions.

Hello everyone it's Bisko ,just had to stop in as I noticed the new Holiday decorations around here .It makes me smile and happy,don't ask why I'm a weirdo .Thank you @Admin for always keeping this place a safe and happy sanctuary for the members here. Your such a Jolly people person Thank you ..Out with the old and In with the new 


Fast away the old year passes, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 
Hail the new, ye lads and lasses, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

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Seconded. Love the decorations


the holidays stressss me out but I love the decorations so much-I’m a xmas lights in the apt. all year round kinda gal they’re just so dreamy. Thank you @Admin love you so much @DBG


Biskobro replied to Most Effective Short Half Life Benzo For Anxiety And Sleep.

1 hour ago, haas37 said:

@headbanger that is an amazing list you put up.  Thanks for the great information.

 @haas37 you joined here yourself almost 6 years ago and…

Biskobro replied to Most Effective Short Half Life Benzo For Anxiety And Sleep.

@haas37 yea it is a good list for sure .Good thing for old member's posting knowledge. @headbanger hasn't been around in almost 6 years I'm pretty sure ......

DoomKitty replied to Purple Ghost Chems.

Sorry you got scammed.  This vendor is already on the blacklist located here: PG Blacklist

Taylor Bracamonte posted Purple Ghost Chems in Black List.

exit-scammed me out of $100

They USED to be reputable but hell nah.

They open up shop with legit prices on hard-to-find domestic dissos then when no tracking was updated they offered a "re-ship" for %50 off.

total scammers

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Sorry you got scammed.  This vendor is already on the blacklist located here: PG Blacklist


susie replied to DBG BULLETIN BOARD.

@2earls and to all the moderators and members who work so hard to make this place welcoming, functioning and non-judgemental, thank you.    you have seemingly endless patience and generosity of …

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haas37 replied to Most Effective Short Half Life Benzo For Anxiety And Sleep.

@headbanger that is an amazing list you put up.  Thanks for the great information.

screamingmimi replied to Most Effective Short Half Life Benzo For Anxiety And Sleep.

On 7/19/2015 at 9:35 AM, blissopifree 2 said:

I don't disagree with you halcion  is a perfect drug for sleep but not scripted much by gps.If you're lucky enough to have a doctor wh…

screamingmimi replied to Other Benzos Besides The Majors.

On 10/4/2019 at 10:54 PM, porkandbeansboy said:

Each B3nz0 has different effects and used for different purposes some hit different Sub-Units. I can tell you for Example T3m@z3p@m …

Sherrytwelve replied to Hello, fellow RC enthusiasts! Glad to have found DBG.

@Velvetblue And a welcome to you, from a fellow newbie to the forum! 

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delawaredrew posted A very basic PGP encryption intro in All About Bitcoin.

I'm somewhat over-caffeinated ATM so I'll channel it into this guide.
We are seeing a few vendors want encrypted messages. You can use temp.pm more easily but I've missed a few of those due to expiration dates. So this is PGP basics for anyone who really wants it.
Disclaimer: I am no expert on this. If anyone has easier/better way feel free to post/correct me. A few of our vendors are  better versed on it but it's worked for me in the few cases I needed it.

You encrypt outgoing messages with the recipient's public key  The recipient decrypts with his/her private key.
Senders encrypt with your public key and you decrypt by using your private key

NEVER disclose your private key. You need to share your public key for others to send you encrypted messages. You'll need to import other people's public keys to send encrypted messages. Often you can simply copy/paste the key from a text editor if the program doesn't like to import from a file.

To create a key pair do not use real name or email of course. I'd create a test set at first to make sure you got it right. You'll have some options when you create a set of keys.There are lesser options but choose RSA 2048 or 4096. 2048 is fine for current security and faster to use..RSA 2048 is a reasonably difficult encryption and expected to last another 10 years, 4096 does not double protection but requires more resources to generate keys. Don't publish your public key during creation.  

On Windows:
Download GPG4WIN ( https://www.gpg4win.org/ )
That will actually be a group of programs, you necessarily don't need them all but if unsure take all. I found this to be a bit confusing as you may need to use several programs in concert to get set up. After that it's easy. There may be easier software for it, please let me know if so.
--A decent guide: https://www.deepweb-sites.com/pgp-guide/ There are others.

On Ubuntu and some other Linux distros:

"Seahorse" can generate pub/priv keys, and may already be installed. It will encrypt whatever is on the clipboard. To view your keys export as "Armored". Then you can open with some text editors. I used Pluma for instance.

I have not tried to do this on Android or iOS/MacOS so if you know how, let others know. I generally do not use mobile for anything I need to be private.

You can encrypt and decrypt a message to yourself as a trial. Once comfortable with it, I would generate a second set of keys for normal usage; although your test set isn't compromised at all as long as you do not post private key.

Once you have it set up here is a demo public key, write something and encrypt with this (my demo) public key. When importing my key you need all text below. Once you have your keys set up, import everything between the lines including -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- and -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- You may get a warning about an unverified key, that's fine. Tell it to trust the key if you know where it came from; there is a registry of verified keys. You probably don't want your key in it.
Then feel free to post or DM the resulting message that was encrypted using this key. If correct I'll be able to decrypt it. If you send your PUBLIC key I will try to respond in kind so you can test decryption.



So generate your own key set and give it a try if you think you want or need to use PGP. It's a bit of a mind bender at first but easy once you see how it works. There are numerous videos and tutorials to assist you. Unless you are a cryptographer the details of how are not necessary. I don't understand it myself.


This is an example of an encrypted message using my public key. It's just the instructions from above. If you were to send this to me, only I can decrypt using my private key. Any alteration to this will render the message undecryptable.






Stas56 replied to Electronic Signature via Informed Delivery.

Nice post. The last shipment I had to go to the Post office to sign for. The clerk let me know this.. I was not aware of it.

I will try on the the next shipment. Not sure, but let's s…

LunaLovegood replied to Clon@z3pam Detection.

I would really like to know the answer to this question as well. Anybody out there with some experience with this issue?

What I’ve found on the internet is totally conflicting. One so…

PennyE replied to St. Anky, R.x..

Geeez my peeps at St Anky’s just keep topping themselves.  Unreal. Ordered laaaate Monday night/early Tuesday morning reveceived Thursday!  Everything was tip top freaking notch.  The Sour D is k…

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Marko Pollo replied to coinbase help.

I have tried over and over to use coinmomma, 3 different email addresses and 3 different passwords. Still cant make it work. After you have used coinmomma once how do or can you use the same emai…

bijuu replied to Elite is back!!!! YESSSSS.

On 11/29/2019 at 8:19 PM, bijuu said:

Curious to see what the hype was about this vendor so I applied and got accepted. Placed an order this week (which was a unique way of doing v…

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Gonzhilla posted Etizolam tolerance and cross tolerance disproportionate in General talk about Research Chemicals RC's.

Has anyone else noticed that etizolam tolerance rises exponentially in no time at all relative to standard b£nz0? Like on day one 1mg is plenty but depending on how much/often you conduct research within two weeks you could require 15 mg for the same effect.

Yet in my experience, the cross tolerance isn't proportionate. Like, say you're up to 10 mg etiz with little effect, but 1mg x@n will still do the trick. 

I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or if they have an explanation?

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bigjackchen replied to pls ,dont call me big jack ,just call me tonight!!.

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