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  2. trinity

    Continual Growth - Advanced AAS Protocol

    Definitely advanced and also not for those whom are 'sensitive' to AAS sides. The initial shotgun of this cycle would make myself plain sick and ill. However I am unable to assimilate large AAS doses. I just do not have the genetics nor predisposition to cope with them. I guess doses could always be tailored down to suit so the theory is sound to this. Make even give it a shot minus the androgen loading phase.
  3. Hammerblow


    @Ipon you know you can come speak to me anytime you want. We’re a community and I’ll steer you in the right direction if that’s what you’re looking for. Cheers, R
  4. @blissopifree 2 The vendor was someone I had used a few times but started to be too unreliable so I hadn't used them in months. They weren't black listed at the time but are now. Thats why they had my info. It was weird because I didn't get a thank you or any candy for myself. Guess that's why in the end this vendor fell apart. They don't know how to take care of people.
  5. I know@porkandbeansboy,right?? Everyone shpuld have valuable input ,as u statrs"thats why we're all here" avoid gettin taken!
  6. What lol? No one can answer this hence we have Forums like DBG to talk to each other about these types of things to avoid getting ripped off by dirty scum bags.
  7. porkandbeansboy

    Bromazepam Clonazepam & Midazolam. Probation Saliva Drug Screens

    No it only breaks down into a for lack of a better term a metabolite that Tests positive for Ox@z3p@m unlike say V@lium actually produces Ox@z3p@m as an active Metabolite. It's not Prescribed much since it is literally like one of the weakest B3nz0s that are typically Prescribed like I read on a chart 0x@z3p@m (which lowers Cortisol Levels Fun Fact) is the least likely to cause physical dependance at the same dose as T3m@z3p@m which causes the worse physical dependence compared to any other B3n0 Since it's a Hypn0tic B3nz0 for some reason those type of B3nz0s bind far more strongly to the Respiratory Receptors or something. I read Cold-Turkey W1thdr@w@l from T3m@z3p@m 15 M G and 5 N1tr@z3p@m which mainly hypn0tic both can result in severe full blown Withdr@w@l with psychosis and hallucinations and all. If you do a quick Google search Anti-Anxiety receptor hitting Benzos like X@n@x or V@lium are allowed to be used for a total maximum of 4 Weeks including taper so I've read but Hypn0tics like T3m@z3p@m are only allowed for say treating insomnia for no longer than 2 Weeks maximum and I know L0r@z3p@m won't create Ox@z3p@m as a Metabolite. It's late. Yet I'll go on to tell you how smoking tobacco ONLY processed cigarettes/tobacco will depending on how much you smoke make your Benzos specifically X@n@x can wear off 50% quicker and work 50% weaker obviously less you smoke the less severe the effect the only reason I found online through researching about it is something called "Hydrocarbons" produced by cigarette smoke and ONLY cigarette smoke not Weed Smoke or anything which is odd just helpful/useful information to know, they had it on the X@n@x monograph/product sheet and I think his Dr. mentioned smokers sometimes need more than non-smokers or some long time ago don't remember all the details lol again I'm tired lol. Sorry if this post is a mess to read I got to let my Dog out to pee like right now poor thing has bladder infection.
  8. 2earls


    If there was anything bad going on with any of these vendors we would remove the banner for them. A lot of the time they may get a website to get their business started, but once they are established they just stop paying for it. Almost all of the business is done via email anyway. Just know that any vendors listed here outside of the blacklist are still in business and these suspensions are not any indication that there is a problem with them.
  9. porkandbeansboy


    I noticed this too... I thought it was because I needed to Donate or something I am so confused all the time it's making Me dizzy lol. Since not all of them are available to see without Donating right?
  10. adidas186

    THC cartridges

    Under the forum" "MM Sources
  11. I don't believe so but I'm not 100% sure. I have my mail delivered to a UPS store so anything that needs to be signed is done by them. That said I'm pretty sure he doesn't require it. I would just read his site carefully. As I and other's have said he's quite anal about things. If a signature is required I'm sure it's mentioned on his site.
  12. As I move into a new phase of my life as a bodybuilder without competing I want to share and explore methods perhaps you haven’t came across and ones moving forward I’ll be implementing. This is for guys that blast and cruise. OK. So for a lot of you vets out there that have been using gear for quite some time and blast and cruise. Your probably aware by now, and perhaps your implementing it already, of the protocol of 6 weeks blast 4 weeks cruise, then repeat. The reason for this technique is basically to ‘get in’ and then ‘get out’ before catabolic hormones begin upregulating and setting you back. Basically, you want to get your gains and initiate growth before your body becomes aware of it and begins seeking homeostasis and purposely tries to reverse that growth. Without getting into it much. I’ll just point out that the body is constantly in a state of seeking homeostasis. It has anabolic hormones to be used to produce the growth it wants and needs and it has catabolic hormones to off-set and reverse that growth and thus seek a ‘balance’ (ie, homeostasis). The body does not want to be super lean and large and muscular. So we need to find ways to ‘trick’ the body into this. That’s what some of these protocols are designed to do. Ok so we are starting from the idea that after about 6-8 weeks or so of heavy training, nutrition, and AAS use that the body has lots of anabolic processes going on and its around this time the body says “hey whats going on, why are we growing so fast, lets slow this shit down or turn it off” , and the body then begins to down regulate anabolic processes by ‘blunting’ androgen receptors, binding up and rendering useless free test (with SHBG), converting as much test to estrogen as possible in an attempt to sky rocket estrogen levels so that it will shut down the HPTA completely and stop all production of androgens. And then at the same time it will up-regulate catabolic hormones like Myostatin (which stops your muscle from growing completely) and Cortisol (which breaks down muscle tissue to be used as a fuel source). When your body gets to this point gains halt. We need to get in get out and trick the body so we can keep gaining. Note: This scenario is much more common with guys that are vets and been on gear for years and blast and cruise . you newbie gear users can do your 1-2 cycles per year and still illicit some decent gains at the 12 week or so mark…. This post isn’t for you per se (but it will be eventually). Ok so now onto some protocols to use to help keep the body growing and favoring that anabolic state. Again, we are blasting and cruising here. Everyone is a bit different, but just to keep it generalized we will use a 6 week blast 4 week cruise time frame. Your cycling methods are going to be broken down into ‘Phases’. Phase 1 - your high androgenic high estrogenic phase (blast) Phase 2 – your high anabolic phase (blast) Phase 3 – your anti cortisol anti estrogen phase (beginning of your cruise) Phase 4 – your growth factors and re-sensitization phase (part of your cruise) NOTE: just because your on a cruise dose of AAS does not mean we are not still trying to grow via other methods. We are re-sensitizing androgen receptors yes, but we are using other growth methods that over ride both Myostatin and Cortisol. These phases will make up both the blast and the cruise. When your done with all 4 phases you can go right into repeating this. Also, as you’ll see in my example, each of these 4 phases can be done under a specific ‘macro’ phase. What I mean by that is say for example you been in a rut for a long time and not growing, you can implement this protocol and do all 4 phases under what I call a “burst” phase (that’s the main phase goal and all other 4 phases fall under that main goal). Or you can do a ‘lean bulk’ phase where all 4 phases fall under that main goal .. etc.. So lets just get right into a ‘EXAMPLE’ protocol. Week 1-6 – blasting week 7-10 cruising PHASE 1 Week 1 Test E – 200mg per Day TrenA– 75mg per day Anadrol– 100mg per day MasteronE – 50mg per day Nolva – 10mg per day Week 2 Test E – 100mg per Day Tren A– 75mg per day Anadrol – 100mg per day Masteron E – 50mg per day Nolva – 10mg per day Week 3 Test E – 100mg per Day Tren A– 75mg per day Anadrol – 100mg per day Masteron E – 50mg per day Nolva – 10mg per day PHASE 2 Week 4 Test E – 25mg per Day Tren A– 50mg per day Anavar– 50mg per day Winstrol– 50mg per day Masteron E – 50mg per day Week 5 Test E – 25mg per Day Tren A– 50mg per day Anavar– 50mg per day Winstrol – 50mg per day Masteron E – 50mg per day Week 6 Test E – 25mg per day Tren A– 50mg per day Anavar– 50mg per day Winstrol – 50mg per day Masteron E – 50mg per day PHASE 3 Week 7 Test E – 25mg per day Cytadren– 500mg per day Synthetine – 4-6ml per HGH – 6iu per day Insulin– 10iu per day Week 8 Test E – 25mg per day Cytadren – 500mg per day Synthetine – 4-6ml per HGH – 6iu per day Insulin – 10iu per day DNP– 200mg per day IGF-LR3 – 150mcg per day PHASE 4 Week 9 Test E – 25mg per day Synthetine – 4-6ml per day HGH – 6iu per day Insulin – 10iu per day DNP – 200mg per day IGF-LR3 – 150mcg per day Week 10 Test E – 25mg per day Synthetine – 4-6ml per HGH – 6iu per day Insulin – 10iu per day DNP – 200mg per day IGF-LR3 – 150mcg per day *DANGER*. *DANGER* . combining HGH, Insulin, DNP, and IGF , is a very advanced protocol. not for newbs are people not willing to do the research.. DNP and HGH, by themselves are 'hyper-glycemic' (raising blood sugar) , Insulin and IGF, by themselves are 'Hypo-glycemic' (lowering blood sugar) . messing up dosages on a compound can cause you to go drastically one way or the other . however properly combining them helps 'even things out NOTE: of course DNP is dangerous enough by itself. Don't F with it unless you really know what your doing and are very in tune with your body. Fyi - DNP is NOT in the cruise phase of this because of any attempt at cutting here. the use of it is to re-sensitive androgen receptors and reset insulin sensitivity (providing you opportunity to preserve muscle and grow more on your next blast). its also a counter balance to insulin and IGF and vice versa.. Just because your utilizing DNP does not mean your in a calorie deficit and cutting. however you will likely get some fat loss benefits note: Your personal ancillary and anti estrogen use is up to you. however I have Nolva listed in there the first few weeks as mandatory. This is because of running the high test with Anadrol . Andarol is very estrogenic, but it does not Aromatize, so an AI will not do shit for you with it. Nolva will. I can explain this further if need be (ie, how anadrol is estrogenic without converting to estrogen ) This is pretty advance stuff but and you need to research research research and ask as many questions as possible if you have a ‘guru’ available. I’m always here to help but I wouldn’t class myself as that I’m/was just deep in the game and I have my ‘go to guys’ that guide me @trinity 😉 Peace R
  13. Yesterday
  14. @Roxyanne very interesting how does Codeine compare for variability? And maybe ihydrocodeine, Oxy, and Morphine?
  15. @ Blanket888. Do you know if you have to sign for the package if it's with the priority mail option?
  16. @SpriteHamster hydrocodone gives me a great euphoric buzz - not as good as oxy but better than codeine. It metabolizes into hydromorphone just like the other opiates, but apparently there is a high variability in the metabolism between people. This article is interesting. You may be a poor metabolizer? "Enzymatic conversion of hydrocodone to hydromorphone by CYP2D6 does not occur in approximately 7% of Caucasians, called poor metabolizers (PM) " https://academic.oup.com/jat/article/36/4/257/806349
  17. Catalina


    Yep, I got scammed similarly, too. The details are just slightly changed from what Markos experienced, but the result was the same--a complete scam. My doctor won't prescribe hydrocodone for my "severe degenerative disk disease" because he's afraid he'll get in trouble with the feds. So I found the "liveagaincoach" site, and after sending the $200 to "Dr. Emega" in Russia via Western Union for #50 pills, I got a somewhatlegit shipping notice from "Verzek Shipping" saying the package was held up in Las Vegas for a "Refundable Insurance Deposit." I sent a screenshot to the kind doctor asking what I should do, if anything. He wrote back the following (Misspellings and bad grammar are his): _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Sorry to inform you that you have to make a deposit premium of 310 dollars [versus Markos's $150] which is fully refundable. This is because your package is descrete and it violates the law of your area. Normal if it were an item say a "sex toy" we could have wave it by authorising them to search it. Now it's risky because it's a drug without prescription liscens, This is our findings. we actually didn't know your state law limits this so we urge you to pay again just to cover up everything and your premium will be given back to you upon the arrival of your package. I hope you understand. Best regards." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I wish I had listened to Markos! When I sent a copy of Markos's warning to the "doctor" before I even sent him my $200, he wrote back: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "We actually do believe this sabotage is from competitors as an online business strategy against us. we will take a legal action and it will be solved. Feel free to try us to place an order for hydrocodone you may click on this link https://www.liveagaincoach.com/product/hydrocodone/ " _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When I sent him a copy of the review above, he wrote back: We will take legal actions against any abuses! it will be more risky and costly for you, first of all you don't have a prescription......! You may only ask for refunds if you pay the $310 and you don't end up recieving your package. I'm embarrassed by my gullibility. Consider yourselves forewarned.
  18. Anyone know where to order legit THC vape cartridges?
  19. Droogas


    After a couple years of being depression free, it came back in November. I had been off all antidepressants for 5 years but my depression got pretty bad so I asked for wellbutrin. I've been taking it about 4 months now and my mood is overall better but this could be due to situational things. One reason I wanted to take wellbutrin is because I heard it helps with delayed orgasm. Cymbalta made it impossible for me to cum from sex, even years after I stopped taking it and supposedly wellbutrin could reverse this. I think it has to some extent but not as much as I was hoping. It hasn't had any side effects on my libido or energy. When I first started taking it I started losing weight rapidly due to depression and also taking vyvanse but things are normal now. Wellbutrin is alright.
  20. Vickydog


    Maybe you're a member of "Fight Club", as everyone knows the first rule Fightclub. You jus took it to a whole nother level😂😂😄,glad you are OK
  21. blissopifree 2

    What would you do if you recieved 20,000 pills unexpectedly ?

    I understand your prediction especially as he knew you signed for them and had your address you just dunno who your dealing with. You’d need to consider your family’s safety but PLEASE tell us you DID get a (reward) if so PLEASE tell it that it was generous enough👌. Bliss....
  22. Trudy L

    Took 3 soma's for my back first time

    This is probably true - but wouldn't work for me! Not sure why, but Soma makes me feel hungry and crave sweets. Yes, I actually like sweets anyways, but Soma is deadly to any type of diet in my experience at least! I agree on your advice - any stims will seem to weaken the Soma effects.
  23. Trudy L


    Sunrise, thank you for posting that! I can attest that on the times that I do take it, I do seem to "tic" a bit myself, especially in my face/neck. I never noticed the correlation. At least, though, it did make me feel more "alive" and less numb than plain SSRI's. I took it for about a month in 2006, and found myself briefly bursting into tears at almost exactly the same time of the evening (within 30 minutes). However, the tears went away after about 5 minutes max and I felt good again (never felt the tears "building up" at all, either!).
  24. These restas are they similar to R€st0ril I wonder with the R€st0ril being T€Maz€Pam. Bliss....
  25. Trudy L


    I have seen in on a few lists here and there under the email only sections but haven't given it much thought. The ones I HAVE seen are the 150mg extended release. Not sure what country you are located in since it's private on your settings - over here it is actually NOT classified as an SSRI; it is in a class called "Atypical Anti-Depressants" and can be prescribed on its own OR in adjunct with SSRI's if the patient's main SSRI works strictly with serotonin. Wellbutrin works primarily on preventing the re-uptake of Norepinephrine and Dopamine.Anyways, sorry for the long rant - but when looking at product lists, be aware that several places list it as a smoking cessation med instead of anti depression - maybe you will find some I hope
  26. I’m not sure concerning l0r&z€p&m but usually I find the Pfizer brand of meds to be of better quality generally.One brand of L0r&z€p&m I do avoid is the Whyth brand little orange/yellowish tablets.when I’ve used l0r&z€p&m generally I prefer the 2.5mg brands available although the med is not one of my favourite benzodiazepines for my needs. #1: d1&z for period of effects (long half life) #2: x&n for quickness of effect (emergency)
  27. blissopifree 2


    I found I got a feeling similar to mirtaza,s only they were FAR heavier duty than those. i was prescribed mirtz for a period and I got the heavy sleepy feeling for under a week then I became used to them.When it comes to pre-gabs I’ve not taken them for an extended period but I didn’t get used to the heavy duty feeling I got off them.Both meds gave me a hangover effect the next day as well. Bliss....
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