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  2. MuscledSheHulk

    Shouldve donated sooner!

    @chaos7979, I'm going to have to check out CashApp. Still trying to figure out Electrum though. I know there are lots of posts regarding private wallets but is Electrum really the "fan" favorite?
  3. myalias

    RC opi@tes currently on the market

    Become a sponsor and all the questions can be answered. There is a lot more to the site but you won’t find what you are looking for without paying in like everyone else. It’s for the betterment of the place. If you do donate, pm me and I can help suggest a specific medicine to the best of my knowledge.
  4. Hi, Everybody! I was wondering what opi@tes are available and currently legal nowadays and if anyone has any suggested vendors. Personally, I have no need for these. I was a long term H user who has been on methadone for 3 years now. I'm asking partially out of curiosity about what chems are out there BUT mostly I'm asking for my father-in-law who is tends to run out of his o×¥morp#one 'script early each month... Thank you
  5. myalias

    Experience with space crystal

  6. I created a coinbase account and have funds in a BTC wallet. If I send donation from the BTC wallet, is this the same as donating directly from Coinbase, which I know is a no-no to avoid getting my account shut down? Thanks for anyone that can provide insight. The access to the BTC wallet is on my coinbase account.
  7. lookinforthebiscuits


    @myalias Appreciate the support and I encourage everyone who gets scammed by this guy to waste as much of his time as possible. Don’t make it obvious. Be polite and don’t email him too often. But keep on hammering.
  8. PituGuli

    Clonazolam vs Flualprazolam?

    @porkandbeansboy thanks. Yeah, after I read your post I looked up the iupac name for "flualprazolam" (I am studying for my Masters in organic chemistry) and I agree with your post it should be called fluclonazolam (which it seems is quite a point of contention on some other forums)... though, I also think clonazolam should be called Clonitrazolam... But C'est la vie- I'm sure the name flualprazolam was chosen more for marketing and all the nitpicking I came across on other forums(which for some reason, often got really heated) is pointless- the name flualprazolam stuck.
  9. myalias


    @Natty Alright dude, you should be back in action in a day or two, check for the message I sent ya. I thought there was a $10 donation option but its $15 for opal. Since I had to grab more c0in anyhow, I decided to bump you up to sapphire cus this place is great and I want to support them. Ps: sorry everyone for derailing this thread, I usually never would but circumstances...
  10. EU based source ,we have Pharma grade Anabolic meds ,PCT ,HCG,,HGH and others too much to list email us : euplug@tutanota.com Payment is via BTC , WU/MG Shipping is Regular (Worldwide)/Tracked (EU only)
  11. myalias


    @Natty having trouble accessing the donation page, and home page now. Will try gain later. I think I should be able to donate in your name no problem
  12. Natty


    @myalias unless you can think of a way to get together on perhaps a phone app or something. Sure, ill make it right w ya
  13. myalias


    @Natty i happen to have $10 btc left over from a previous transaction, I believe thats all that is required. If you want, i could see about getting you sorted
  14. Natty


    go figure. Just as I had some btc frozen. It may take a bit b4 I can donate dang it.
  15. myalias


    @Natty i sent you a pm but it looks like your sponsorship ended so you have to pay again
  16. Natty


    I cannot receive messages anymore for some reason
  17. theone8399

    The real rc

    Well said my friend. Sorry doe the further detail but very well said.
  18. I have read people having an easier time with sleep on t@pentad0l. It is more or less the stronger version of tr@m, less stimulating I believe.
  19. NbleSavage

    St. Anky, R.x.

    Just one more exceptionally positive review. Donated 14 Feb, pack received 16 Feb (not kidding!) Flowers are amazing just as before (the Dutch Treat blew me away), tried a new cart strain (Monkey Bread) which also is incredible and added a few gummies for my Missus. Just can't say enough positive things about this team. So helpful and so considerate. Great products, great experience.
  20. If anyone is looking for a stronger version of tr@ms, I have been reading up on t@pentadol. It seems to be what many folks want in tr@ms but no longer achieve. It is, if simplified, a stronger version, very similar in action. There is a vendor I found on here that carries it, I would love to point other to it, @ me or pm me if interested. I haven’t tried the site yet but plan to.
  21. myalias


    @lookinforthebiscuits doing good work, I respect anyone who will use their own time to mess with scammers(our kind or telemarketing ones), every minute of theirs you waste is a minute they can’t spend picking grandmas pockets
  22. myalias

    Fake oc 40 taste

    @4kap seems you have found a response in the 0c by mundïph@rma page but for posterity I encourage anyone with this same question to search the manufacturer, they do indeed have a metallic taste but are just as good
  23. myalias

    The real rc

    @porkandbeansboy You do need to donate to pm. I suggest you go read through all the intro stuff, and if you already have, read it again, but more closely. Before posting at all you should know the rules well. I have issue with your posts here because my thread is derailed and now we are talking about newbie stuff, which has its place dedicated to it. If people just post whever they please, those seeking information regarding a specific topic then have to wade through everything. If you are still able, please edit your posts down to just what is pertinent here(only things regarding the vend0r I posted and preferably only reviews of him). I would love to help you and answer all your questions, but you need to donate and become a sponsor so we can pm. Rules regarding pm are there to protect you from scammers, basically don’t give your money if someone tries to give sources that aren’t community tested. Regarding contacting vend0rs and untr@cked shipping, if you do not have the patience to wait a few days or a few weeks without losing your marbles or cannot afford to lose the loot you put down for an order, then you should stick to buying things off the street. I’ve been playing with rc cars for a long time, so I can appreciate the apprehension involved, but you need to relax. Vend0rs are people too, loads of them don’t work weekends, I like this dude because his communication has always been on point, but you gotta give him the opportunity. What I usually do, is make the 0rder with d0llars I can stand to lose(no risk, no reward), after doing loads of research on what I am looking for and reviews of who I am getting it from(which I hope to have here once this wonderful community makes some 0rders), I forget about the order. As close to completely as I can. So much so when it eventually shows up in my mailbox, it is like a present to myself. I have never been ripped off(knock on wood) because I do the research. I decided to share with the community, but always, always search for info from other sources. A lot of the places that shared this type of info got shut down(which is why I out it here so it doesn’t disappear), but you should still use your search engines for everything.
  24. GreyDeadpool

    Dnp for fat loss

    Please read more like the sub, it can be but doesn't that it is. Unsure how results vary between the two.
  25. Seconded. Successful shipment to US (package was opened but let through). Product is as described.
  26. New user01

    Elite Ion

    I am getting ready for my 1st order ( in feb. all my others orders have been top notch, I really hope they have not changed. Man there stuff were expensive but was well worth it. I have done two orders so far last month and my plants just loved it. Hoping its not changed. Please keep me posted, I have not found a better , faster more reliable USA company to deal with Also its hard to say with my plant tolerance but I am very carefully on how often they get it and how much. I will post more info in a week or two when it comes in.
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