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  2. understeroid


    Hi all sorry for the late reply we just see this post, understeroid is still here since 2 years now and our new url is understeroid.com if you have any question we are happy to help here, we will become sponsor again on this forum soon
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  4. Stella

    Vendors for Z@piclone

    Received some Imovane 7.5 mg (Zopiclone ) from Starlite, good quality. Who is interested: https://www.starliterx.is/page-3.html
  5. I have been reading the forum and I continually see reports on Wellbutrin that talk about the results that I am looking for. Increased libido, clarity and energy. I don't seem to be able to find who carries this in our collection of providers. Maybe it is called by some other name? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  6. It has been awhile since I used starlite. They are good but shipping times vary greatly to US especially around the holidays. I am going to place another order soon.
  7. kinsona

    Codeine 60mg Capsules

    @Randssss a small donation to the site will open up opportunities for you. Also have a good browse through the international section. Good advice to all new forum members is to have a thorough read through the site and research the site. You will be happy with what you discover.
  8. Last week
  9. Dr3am3r


    Always a great experience with Bwillia! I really missed the kiva bars and migrated to jolly ranchers .... then the ranchers were gone so I went with the caramels. I have a sleeping disorder and these are working great! Thanks to Dr B I’m finally able to hit a deep restorative sleep and stay there. If you havent looked at the menu in awhile you may want to see what’s added. I’ll be donating again vey soon...... I love to bake B, looking forward to trying something new (to me). Thanks Again!
  10. 2earls

    Certified LL help

    Never heard of one coming certified mail. That would worry me more than the average type just because anything out of the usual makes me nervous. I still don't think anything further will come of it. Might be a good idea to get a new receiving address though.
  11. Randssss

    Codeine 60mg Capsules

    I'll take something besides capsules like tablets or something as I assume no one has pure phosphate. Plus I prefer the capsules for handling and knowing how much is in each dose.
  12. Scoobs

    Certified LL help

    First one was about month and a half and second one was just under a month. I’m mostly worried because it came certified and they bs’ed the quantity to an insane amount. Ordered from an Asian source.
  13. Tomosan


    https://tramadolshop.is/ Used them several times, last time about a month ago. Delivery time is about 2 weeks. Several different types. Dosages of .5 and 1mg.
  14. Sumbawa Kratom October Sale! Buy 10kg Free 3kg. Contact us: sumbawakratom@gmail.com dont forget to subscribe our website to get another special offer: https://www.sumbawakratompowder.com/
  15. Chrisalias

    Certified LL help

    How long after the orders were placed did you receive the LL's? I can understand why you are panicking because I have unnecessary anxiety as well but it is not warranted. I have yet to hear of anything bad actually ever occurring as a result of a LL. Ever! Was the country that you ordered from one of the more heavily watched?
  16. JustinTSU

    St. Anky, R.x.

    Stanky is awesome! Recieved my fl@wers in 2 days!
  17. Heavenlee

    Best CBD (Both THC free and not) Vendor for Bulk

    God, i wish I wasnt moving from Colorado, I must be out of the loop because I thought you could get CBD's at any head shop. I know they are all over down South at Mr. Smokes shops all over.. These are my absolute faves, Arena 1000 mg its the highest concentrate I've found I use orally, but the isolates are far more potent. I use in my coffee, and I vape Arena or Heavy Harvest. Pictures below. And the weed I smoke is 1 to 1 like Canatonic, Pig and Whistle and Charlettes Web to kick the CBD's in. They have been a lifesaver, when I had a hiatal hernia they instantly got rid of all pain. Now I use religiously for my messed up liver. Beware, the first time I started vaping and using CBD's I literally was on the couch all day, I felt high as hell! If I use all day I get nothing done, so Im trying to use in the morning and night.
  18. Heavenlee

    St. Anky, R.x.

    Thanks everyone for your reviews, I feel sacriligious not using my usual, but Ilove the reviews, I definately will try ill definatelyneed moving from Colorado! Thanks to all who leave reviews, they help the whole community!
  19. I've used Melanotan. It was supposedly developed at Univ. of Ariz. to help prevent skin cancer. If it is usedcorrectly, it will allow one to develop a deep tan w/o burning..It also lasts a long time. I was in the hospital in 2013 after I retired for ascending cholangitis (sp). I hadn't used Melanotan for at least a year. The GI (who was of Indian heritage) suggested that I might have a condition called hemochromatosis. His comment was, "you're too dark for a white man" I told him I have a permanent "farmer's tan" from working at the local university for ten summer vacations. Thatis true but parts of my body that had never seen sunlight tanned w/o burning when I used it at a dose that worked. Do your research, always, then do more.
  20. Scoobs

    Certified LL help

    Got 2 LL in a month. First one was no big deal. Second one cost me about 400 bucs. But on the second LL it came certified mail and they claimed I had over 8000 bucs worth of magazines. Which I didn’t. Its like they weighed the entire package and claimed that weight was the magazines. Does anyone have experience with receiving certified LL? The wording of the letter was a little different too. Panicking a bit.
  21. I am looking for someone who sells large amounts of CBD oil tinctures whether in one container or many. Please list your sources or PM. Thank you.
  22. Crackajack


    Hi and welcome 😊 A small donation would open up a lot more options for you. You will find what you’re looking for easily. If you’re in a position to do so. Hope this helps.
  23. PennyE

    St. Anky, R.x.

    I don’t know what else I can say about my friend Stanky, but he delivers again. The overall quality of his products is out of this world. He is a craftsman. An herb craftsman. Seriously though, three days as usual, plenty of payment options, the absolute most dependable and courteous vendor on the board. An expert in what he does. Give him a try. Had the Durban P (OMG. So focused at work. Killing it.). PE shat (amazing), the white (night night), double banana tangie ( I don’t have to eat fruit anymore). The flowers are amazing. I’ve never seen anything like them. I’m not just blowing smoke!!Hope that helps peace out!! P
  24. MRC


    Could anyone point me in the direction of a decent source at all for diazepam or would donating be my best bet to gain sources? I'm currently on 5mg twice daily from the doctor but just feel its not enough at times and even worse when they get all arsey when i put a repeat in a couple days early (to ensure i recieve my meds on time) and they try to stop it completely and stamp it "early request!" Any help is greatly appreciated
  25. DBG710

    Stupid Question -- OCs are extinct. Right?

    Hey, so I recently had the 40s from euro and to me IMHO they taste like oxymorphone not oxycodone. I'll have to test to be sure, but if not then it might be that it's a different formulation which might cause the taste difference.
  26. DBG710

    Xanax - Little Round Blue Pills

    https://bunkpolice.com/ this seems to be a good source for a kit. Best luck! 👍
  27. Heavenlee

    Moneygram Troubles!

    Lucky you, it doesnt matter who I send to send money but they have all been turned down, Ive tried my son, his friends, and its always denied, now I use the other one without any problem, no ID, easy breezy. Just waiting for them to decline me but so far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed not another ban!
  28. Painful heart

    Moneygram Troubles!

    I used RIa and my transaction was denied I don’t know why. So I used MG it worked! Thank god.
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