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  3. Toker


    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So... You set up a 'Free' Website FIVE days ago, your 'Offering' just ONE product and you need paying by BitCoin / EMoney.. Oh, not to forget you only registered here yesterday.. 🆘 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hmm, yea i think i'll pass on this exhilarating offer for now... And would advise our members do the same..!! Regards..
  4. Kodone is from Guatemala. They don't make hydros in Mexico.
  5. DJPhatSack

    RC void

    I got the shipment from @m@zon for c-lam. It seems legit. My hamster did 1.5 ml at .5/ml. He slet for 5 hours and barely rember eating. Turns out i got a slip in box that said was absolute chs was the supplier even though retail sight had differet sponsor listed. It seems good. Im having trouble ordering from absolute checkout sustem fro m my phone at this moment
  6. Yesterday
  7. I believe they are 7.5 mg mexican vicodin called Kodone.
  8. Hey @DJH-Krazy not yet unfortunately. I'm still very interested but I haven't pursued since getting denied by all those vendors. 😪
  9. DJH-Krazy


    Did you ever try this? @ozzy13 my hubby has taken adds for adhd in the past and needs to be back on them for work performance but wondering if these may do the trick . Hmmm. Let me know if you tried and how they compare to adds please.
  10. I bought a few of these while vacationing in Playa del Carmen. The man working at the pharmacy said they were 10/325 hydrocodone. I watched him take them from a bottle that did say hydrocodone/apap 10/325, but that doesn’t mean they actually came from a legit source. I haven’t been able to identify them through online sources and wondered if anyone has seen them before? The other side has a single score mark. No numbers or letters. Thank you
  11. jasperabc

    Merry Jane Medical Help

    Sometimes they don't always reply When that happens, pedrhaps it is time to find a vender who wants and appreciates your business.
  12. buyetizusa


    Hlelo My name is DIrk. I just open my site www.buyetizusa.com. $7.00 a strip and i will throw in extra strip with every order. I am domestic. Cheers Dirk
  13. meddirect

    Xanax - Little Round Blue Pills

    I just tossed mine. Anyone else get some that are sweet? It's definitely strange.
  14. https://ewn.co.za/2018/08/17/kimberley-police-arrest-suspected-drug-dealer
  15. Toker

    Barbiturate Pharmacy

    Hey there @TechnicGeek Based on the info below i would tend to agree with what @PTFC has already said. Seen as there site is only registered for another 3 months i would advise to stay well away from them. Regards, T.
  16. flyinjames

    St. Anky, R.x.

    First time donating to this cause as well. St. Anky was a tremendous help in finding what would work for me and my back pain. After discussing a few things and settling on a good first try, I donated over the weekend, my order was sent out on Monday, and received on Wednesday packed extremely secure. St. Anky was very attentive through the whole process of trial and error, it honestly felt like chatting with an old friend. Thanks again for your help :)
  17. Toker


    Hey there @meddirect Thank you for your due diligence on these sites, as it is valuable info for potential Vendors. Now i am Neither recommending or faulting said site, but the info below looks like there in good standing.. Again this is neither an endorsement or advice not to use the site, that is up to you as vendors to make up your own mind on.. Stay safe and take care. Regards, T.
  18. PTFC

    Janpharm Stims

    Thanks @meddirect, and anyone else, if you spot anything suspicious or too good to be true, hit report link asap.
  19. spiderman

    Meaningless pics

  20. meddirect

    Janpharm Stims

    No problem. It just threw a red flag for me and so I googled and even contacted the vendor before posting. It was a very clear scam. Obviously I didn't send money but prices were too good to be true. I declined and then prices magically dropped to 25 buck for 10 grams of a 150 dollar substance. If I sound like a shill I'm sorry just sharing some places I've ordered from but the RC game is dangerous right now. Lots and lots of scammers looking to just take advantage of people. Just because I get an order doesn't mean someone else will. It would be nice if vendors would contact the admin here or something? But lately they pop up and then disappear just as quick. Edit: Also the site list Xanax bars and MDMA. I've never seen that on an RC site. Just too many whaaaa?!? Moments haha
  21. Darlink

    Janpharm Stims

    *EDIT I apologize @meddirect The comment about the style of those posts was not directed toward you, it was a mistake. I think you know but wanted to clarify. Thank you all so much for having our backs!!!
  22. PTFC

    Risk of tr@m@dol in the mail

    Apologies for the misunderstanding @Acid_Phreak,it's certainly not something I've heard of, certainly not in my time here anyway.
  23. Frist off I'll start by saying these guys carry mostly powders. They are US based. I have successfully ordered in the past BUT before you stop reading and jump straight to the site, know that in the past they have exit scammed. Meaning closed up shop took money and sent nothing. They are supposedly correcting this. Have a read on the main page. That being said I took one for the team and put in an order. Paid and received tracking number with frequent contact from the seller. I suggest browsing for now. I will update with information as it comes my way. If you order now your risking losing money. Felt it was worth the risk to expand US domestic sources of RC'S. Should have a review next week. Be safe! Also PGP is located at the bottom of their page and matches the old one. You can email but it's a shopping cart sign up. (Use a unique password always)
  24. meddirect

    RC void

    Guy I just ordered from just dropped a tracking number. He has mostly powder. I know they exit scammed once in the past so I'd keep orders small. I'll go ahead and start a thread. Just order with extreme caution.
  25. hozel

    St. Anky, R.x.

    Hello, first time with Stanky. Donation Monday the 13th, mailed the 14th, received the 16th. Best packaging ever. Really patient with me with all the questions I had. Very, very impressed!!!
  26. @DV420 was that vendor MC? He exit scammed around the time you made this post
  27. Acid_Phreak

    Risk of tr@m@dol in the mail

    @PTFC thanks for your response. To clarify- I’m not super concerned about losing a gift. Not gonna lost sleep over a LL either. I’m wondering if there are any other cases out there of people being arrested/charged/convicted for receiving this substance (tr@m) in the mail. With Armo- there is only one famous of case of someone going down for personal amounts of that drug and there were other factors in that case that made the wrath of the state worse for the defendant than it would have been normally. It seems to me that schedule IV is not really that big of a deal, but I’m concerned that it will be slightly more of a problem with tr@m because it’s an opioid. I know that when tr@m was scheduled around 2014, people did get scared off. Is there a reason people were scared other than not being willing to take a risk on controlled substance whatsoever?
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