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  2. DrAven

    importance of donating!

    It took me almost a month, not to figure out how to donate but for Bitcoin to release my currency so that I could donate to DBG. I didn't have to know what was behind those locked doors to know that the information alone would be worth the donation.
  3. Dumbo88

    us based vendors

    Nobody is debating you, you're just being an ass.
  4. Dumbo88


    You're a very bad person, what are you doing ordering this TRASH! Go to your room young man! Sorry, couldn't help myself. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you aren't going to get anything from Canada. That website's name is a dead give away its a scam. Buysteroids.com Oxy4u.Com any of those things named like that are going to be scams. Never ever buy from (insert drug name).com they are almost always scams. Sorry man, looking at the site I'd say your money is gone forever. It is hard to believe there are a group of RC chemist specializing in that particular product mailing from Canada, especially with a website named PCP. The chemicals for PCP synthesis (piperidine and potassium cyanide) and are not that easy to get without owning a metal plating shop, they are tightly controlled. No facility or chemist is going to be making it in our neighborhood and selling it online.
  5. Great advice as well, cold storage devices like the Ledger Nano S+ are very secure. Cold storage allows users to keep their your digital currency offline until needed. I opted to leave out cold storage devices on this post because my personal opinion is that these are best for people who deal in cryptocurrency on a regular basis and will be handling larger amounts. As I only needed enough to make a donation to this forum, I feel that spending more on a device than I will be keeping in my online wallet wouldn't be a reasonable choice to make. However, if I decide to start using digital currencies more often a cold storage device will be more than worth the investment.
  6. Roxyanne

    Share money or remitly

    Can I vent? First time using Sharemoney - and they have a hold on my funds for what will soon be 24 hrs. Can I just say MY funds again. Who the hell are these people lording over where I send my money? I jumped through all kinds of hoops all day back and forth, and now crickets. I've gone from being intimidated and practicing how I was going to coerce them into sending MY funds, to being prepared to tell them to cancel the transaction if they give me any lip. The notion of groveling to try and send my own money ... my next donation should be to the libertarian party. PS - consider Remitly, and thank you for listening
  7. I’ve had it take an entire day for it to update past that and it meant that it was still at the post office and once it moved, the tracking updated. I wouldn’t worry too much. Trust me I’ve had this issue before.
  8. never2many

    45 states participate in PMP

  9. Nowjamessays

    Just got free sample from new RC vendor.

    Received clam in a timely manner, quality is good, sent free sample without asking. I’m happy to say this is my new go-to Rc vendor and I highly recommend them
  10. Bodiddly

    Hello all!

    I am a new member here and very excited to join what looks to be an informative and active community. I used to be a member of another forum a long time ago and when it got shut down I never joined another until now.
  11. Patience patience patience. Think of what a cluster your local PO is to begin with, multiply that by the holiday volume and then assuming it is a PME shipment, that FredEx is on their game for the air route across the country. Even after pickup, there are host of scenarios where it could get stuck and you just have to wait.
  12. Nowjamessays

    us based vendors

    @Dumbo88 did you actually read all the posts? I never said stay away from anything, the person before me did. I already recommended purple ghost in my first post. I didn’t even say I disapprove of it. I said clearly that I don’t care what people do and it’s not any of my business. I also clearly stated that I would still try it, just acknowledging that it is indeed dangerous. I’m pretty sure it’s the only drug in it’s class that can cause death via convulsions and not purely poor decision making. I’m on this forum in order to find drugs, but I really don’t mind a good debate. You brought up some valid points but also some very stupid ones that could’ve been avoided by actually reading the posts. If you want to be a dick for no reason, basic reading comprehension would be a good tool to have
  13. kiro1234

    Trouble at the border!

    I'd like to talk with you because we're dealing with the same stuff and I realized that it's two weeks later since you posted.... But I could really use your help I just need some input I was also informed by the Sy that this border issue is stirring up a lot of problems. I just hope they don't result in a total loss
  14. kiro1234

    Trouble at the border!

    I'm dealing with a similar issue right now and it's very very frustrating I don't know what is going to happen... I don't want to go into much detail until I figure out the exact outcome whether it's a total loss or not. But I am very very frustrated and I understand that it is not the Sy fault, But it would be nice to have a warning that maybe now is not the best time, Maybe for now, donations are better spent, towards overseas charities that take about a month just to get anything.
  15. Turbo259


    Cali is like a 5 day broken record, chalk up another one cant wait to get em in my belly
  16. Yesterday
  17. I'm not sure if anyone has run into this situation before but has anyone ever had at TN that just never tracked properly? The last it says is "Accepted, package acceptance pending" That's all it said all day, then when I get home and never arrived and was not with the regular mail. But it's going West coast to East coast so maybe the time zone is different and although it's after 3 p.m. which is there guaranteed time always..... It's only a little after 3 p.m. where it was sent from in that time zone. So my question is has anyone ever ran into this has anyone had and EMS deliver late? Or is it quite common maybe around the holiday times for an EMS to not come in on your regular mail truck and actually end up coming in later? Please advise
  18. Dumbo88

    us based vendors

    OP: PurpleGhost is the only domestic that might carry it. Since the laws in EU changed I'm not sure if its available from any of those places anymore. The only Chinese sources I know are for steroids, sorry I couldn't be more help. PG has been around awhile and I've only heard good reports, but I can't personally vouch for them. My Dear Poor James, Yeah, the LA Crips that I smoked it with lab tested it right in front of me! LOL Is there some other drug I don't know about that people call Wet/Sherm/Fry? The stuff idiots think is embalming fluid? Its called freebase PCP and it comes in a liquid and you dip a cigarette in it, you have to light the stick with another cigarette cause it will catch on fire with open flame. I'm not an idiot. The LA Cryps by the way control PCP distribution for 97% of the PCP in the US, which comes solely of of Los Angeles. So yea, you could say I tested it, did exactly what PCP does, came from PCP distributors and came from the PCP capitol of the world. Unless they synthesized some new mystery drug that looks like, smells like and acts like freebase PCP I'm pretty sure it was PCP. You want stats on PCP? It doesn't even make the list in drug related deaths or arrests, so it doesn't even get into "worth making a chart" numbers. How do you know you really did "coke, crack, rolls, meth, any prescription worth a fuck like diludid, methadone, hyrdro and oxy, lsd, 1-plsd, psycilibin" did you have them all independently lab tested??? Who knows what you got!!! Also it doesn't matter cause this thread is about where to purchase PCP analogue, not all the "cool" drugs you did. If you don't want to help because of The Analogues Act, cool. But preach somewhere else. Smoking crack doesn't give you the right to lecture on PCP. You crack me up. The poor guy was just asking about an RC and you go all fucking born again Church Mom. Wow you did a lot of drugs, (got better?) and now hang around a drug board ruining peoples threads waring them about drugs you don't approve of. Thanks, Mom.
  19. Nowjamessays

    us based vendors

  20. Nowjamessays

    us based vendors

    I didn’t say about what I enjoy, I didn’t even make the first comment. Is PCP more dangerous than most others In MY OPINION. I’m allowed to have it and you’re allowed to disagree with it, no problem whatsoever. There’s a difference between lecturing and stating an opinion, especially when I say it’s none of my business what others put in their body in most cases (not endangering others). Experiment your dick off, I did. As for a superiority complex, sorry you get that vibe. I’m no better than anyone and I don’t mean to come off that way. I’ve gone through most drugs including a long battle with inrevenus oxy and morphine und anything else I could get my hands on (coke, crack, rolls, meth, any prescription worth a fuck like diludid, methadone, hyrdro and oxy, lsd, 1-plsd, psycilibin) but not pcp,because of what I watched it do. Experiences may differ and unless you have a testing kit, who knows what you got. Some people take Oxus and have motivation to go do productive shit, some don’t, most just want more. Let me have an opinion and don’t say dickish things, I just asked why you believe what you do and it seems like you want to argue in which case you might want to grab those charts and studies prior another shitty response. Maybe you can change my mind? Defiantly seem to be going about it the wrong way if hats the goal
  21. Sunrise81

    Moneygram Troubles!

    @kiro1234, either service can give your $ To such ageNciEs at anytime, if they say. Just like those same ppl can take your letters anytime they say. Nothing we can do about it, unfortunately.
  22. alixjones2018

    Where's the best place to get BC

    @Conceited I second your last 2 sentences. If you have read any of my first posts on trying to grasp how to buy, sell, transfer...whatever, in relation to BC, you will quickly realize how clueless I was. I am not really sure why. I am in banking and on the "old traditional" sides of banking we are allowing customers to deposit BCs into regular checking accounts. I guess it's just that sense of not really understanding how it all works. Logical is my way of thinking and I was having a difficult time getting it all to flow logically! BUT now...Katie bar the door!...I get most of it now. While my daughter initially helped me get my info set up (I already use the squarecash app) to be able to buy/sell/transfer on that app she didnt really do much because there was a glitch with their approval so I spent 5 days waiting to be approved (the entire time she was here--we got nothing accomplished except waiting) only to finally get online with customer service chat to find out about said glitch. So I had to start over and use a different process then what as outlined (and the one I followed) to get approved to even use the BC portion of the app. Now it's a tiny bit of a game I am playing with watching the price and trying to buy while it's a little low to see how much money I can make. Heavy emphasis on "tiny"! It has been good for me to stretch myself with this. In my profession cryptocurrency is already upon us and its good for me to get real world experience. By 2025, most banking experts are predicting, cryptocurrency will be how we all transact business. The large bank where I work will be rolling out their "own" cryptocurrency in the next 18 months. So yes! 100% on getting used to it and then becoming second nature! 😁 Now...crypto mining...still wrapping my head around that! 🙄
  23. kiro1234

    Trouble at the border!

    According to my sources I believe that this is a heavy issue making it just very tough for everyone on all sides.. However it still is going to work, you just got to be patient It might take an extra week.
  24. kiro1234

    Moneygram Troubles!

    Just CIM or crypto, Bc if you think about it you might as well, Once you send the money transfer you might as well just CIM, It's the same thing because it's liquid as soon as they pick it up
  25. Last week
  26. kiro1234

    Moneygram Troubles!

    Is this happening everywhere or is this only happening because of immigration issues at the moment? I don't know the answer to that. But I definitely would not worry many times in the past I have gotten all my money refunded through MoneyGram or Western Union because at the end of the day they are accompanied and they cannot take your money without you signing anything that says it's okay for them to give it all to the fed, But even if worst case scenario you do lose your money, It has happened to all of us we've all been burned before probably multiple times you have to chalk it up and I know it's really hard for me to say this when I'm the guy who's been banned for over 5 years from either service.... All I could say is if you can cim you're way better off, There's literally no paper trail you have any right to send cash to any random address anytime you want
  27. American health care is a joke. The last few times I tried to go to the Dr they just tried and push new expensive brand drugs on me. $20 for a pill of Trintelix and all it did was cause auditory hallucinations and make me sick. NO MATTER WHAT they want to sell you expensive anti depressants that need to be taken daily and completely alter body chemstry (thanks I don't need my soidum ion channels inhibited). Can't sleep, agitated over the political climate, have a rash, ever experience self doubt, ANTI DEPRESSANTS CURE EVERYTHING! It absolutely ludicrous. Seems there are two kinds of doctors, drug dealers with a prescription pad and vendors of anti depressants, not much in between. Nobody will prescribe anything without multiple visits to a psych and counseling, I just have trouble sleeping! Never got molested, no underlying bullshit, just serious problems sleeping, and I don't have time to sit with a counselor and talk about problems I don't have, but they don't want to hear it. They just want to make some pharma rep happy and get their kickbacks. I've taken everything but dentistry into my own hands, honestly its not worth the hassle to try and get meds legitimately. Telling your doctor about your past drug use is not a good idea. Also, nobody believes the "somebody dosed me" line, seriously doubt your Dr did. And when you say "somebody dosed me with 40mg of alprazolam" the first thing in his head was "how did she know it was alprazolam, how does she know it was 40mg, and also they don't make liquid alprazolam". If you had said "I got roofied" maybe, buy your explanation is way to specific for anyone who is not a drug user. And anyone without a massive benzo tolerance would be hospitalized on 40mg of xanny.
  28. Randsss, I am so sorry that you are going through this! Can you find a doctor you trust that you can tell everything to? Would it be possible to get your pain meds through an OP? I just hear so much pain and resignation in your posts—just know that there are many others in your position. I really think there is going to be a revolution in this country unless many things change, including making pain meds available again to those that need them. *Hugs*
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