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It's Game Time!




Being from Massachusetts and living just an hour out of Patriots Place in Foxboro, it's very easy to talk about the pats history here. However, in the rest of the country, it sucks being a Patriots fan. Which I don't make or expect people to like the pats, or Brady or any thing like that, but have respect for the sport and nothing else. The pats have had hard history, especially with spygate, in which we took responsibility for, and paid the fines. And, news flash, EVERY other team did the exact same thing. The pats just got caught because we had an undefeated season and they went "something must be wrong" and went searching. Well, now it's deflategate. Personally, I think the whole thing is bullshit, and I agree with Bob Kraft about the NFL owing a huge apology to Brady and Belickick and the rest of the New England team. However, they did make their bed, and I think it's fair to say that they have laid in it.

Now, of course I believe they had nothing to do with the damn deflated balls, but this is my stand point all together. First, I think if Brady or Belichick or if anyone else on the team, the staff, the coaches, or anything, they would have come forward by now. The Patriots are an honest, modest team and they wouldn't want to doop their fans like that. However, they are humans, and humans tend to be stupid, so there is obviously room for error here. Second, the balls were approved, and then locked away and not touched again until the game (supposedly). How is it Brady's fault for not touching the balls? How can he do something to them while they're in lock up? Now, that is heresay, so again, room for error. Which leads me to my third point. The refs were touching and throwing and handling the balls all day (and this is where my boyfriend would add in a "giggity"). Why didn't they do something as soon as they game started? Playing the game, you're more focused on what's going on on the field, and no really on what the balls feel like (giggity). Again, room for error, the refs have a lot to focus on as well.

This is just my football rant. I think this deflate gate is just petty bullshit because most of our point were scored by running plays. Not throwing. You don't need a properly inflated ball to run the ball. I know, rules, and okay I get that, but take a look at the whole picture and just ask if this is really worth the time and energy. I've been looking at this thing from both sides, as I try to with everything, and there any have been foul play, there may have not been any at all, but quit this bologna and move on.

This just ruined football for Patriots fans all over the country, which is a shame. Football is an American past time and it's suppose to be enjoys by friends and family and drunks alike to come together once a week and unwind. Scream out your aggressions at the TV and take your anger out of the refs for 3 hours, and then go about your life again. Now the media is making it so it should be shameful to be a Patriots fan, when you should take pride in your team no matter what. And no matter what, I will always have my faith in the New England Patriots, but It is not fair that from now on they're going to be investigated after every win.

And just a reminder, folks, every one has cheated in this game. From performance enhancing drugs to bountygate to felonies. The Patriots are not the only ones.


Read 'em and weep.


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Tom Brady is a machine and the Pats own. Its in hieroglyph. Google that sh*t. :-) New England, bud.  Wicked frkkn awesomeness.  Haha commissioner. 

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Sorry have to say go cowboys, it was painful to read that, you did a good job just can't stand them cuz there so good

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