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My Mom Is Not Allowed To Watch And Play Family Feud..



So, my mother, 52 year old woman. We sit down to eat dinner tonight, and I turned on FF just for the time being. I enjoy watching it from time to time, it's fun. But my mom decided to play along. Not even 5 seconds into the damn show and the question arises:

"If god were to text you, what would he tell you to stop doing?"


Of course this question is repeated at least 10 times and every time my mom just screamed "MASTURBATE! WHY ISN'T ANYONE SAYING THIS!? ITS THE TOP ANSWER!"

And then it never got on the board (go figure). So my mom goes on after the question is done.

"God wouldn't tell you to stop masturbating. He's always watching, and he enjoys it! Holy porn!"

Next question: "Name a word that rhymes with 'buckle'"


Everyone is excited for a good fuckle!"

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my mother.

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This thread has been helpful for me... seriously!

I've been going at this game All Wrong.

My grandson and I actually try to get the 'right' answers.


But TBH I kinda like your mother's approach better  LOL

Of course, I'll have to watch my language in front of teen grandson. but I can already imagine some creative answers that will perplex him



Like those contestants that leave the emcee with mouth hanging open in disbelief?  those are Always Funny!  Sometimes best part of the show!


Can't wait to try this out on my grandson!


Thanks @PurpleOWL

Just given me more fun than a hula hoop.  ha ha ha

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I'm in my 50's too - like your mum. Bit older.

Maybe something happens to women around that age?

We get a little "froggy" ? 


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Nah... We aren't groggy, Denise. Lol! We are just fun. At 51, I've realized careers don't keep me warm at night; kids leave home and the busy home becomes a quiet house; watching parents decline in body and mind... You get what I mean. We aren't froggy... we just finally realized life is so short so let's have some fun! (My kids would DIE if they heard me say they word masturbate BTW!)

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I do die when my mom says masturbate... Hahaha!


She's always been like that. Even when I was young and didn't understand the meaning behind the dirty jokes. Her favorite to annoy me with was this:


"How do you make a hormone?....


You don't pay her."


I didn't get that until I was like 15 and felt so dumb and shocked at the same time hahaha


At work my customers will say to my mom "your daughter is so wonderful and pleasant!: and her response is "I know, I made her!"

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