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So the picture is my favorite guitar player, Trey Anastasio. He the front man for a band called Phish. This band in particular brings so much joy into my life. I can’t really put my finger on why they just do. I’ve never had a ‘blog’ before but thought I’d give it a go. I’ve got lots to say but typically keep it all inside. Today I wanted to mention music and how important it is to me. I don’t play any instruments but listen to a wide variety of bands and am always open to suggestions on who to check out. Music can make a bad day better. It has a way of reaching inside me and bringing me happiness. I’m going to cut this short but I’d love to hear some of your favorite bands and why tou love them. I’ve seen Phish live close to 50 times so far and wish I could convey what they are like. Pure bliss. I think my next entry will be on pancakes and why they are the best food.... cheers!


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Phish has been around for a long time...if I’m not mistaken, I believe they’re out of Athens, ga ??? Probably wrong but for some reason, I remember hearing this.

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