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Any chance I could speak to one of the moderators first please ? No probs if not but I don’t know how to begin this thread and I need help ...

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I don’t know what to say... he couldn’t cope in life without a vice and he hung himself and it was a  total shock to us all , it’s always the ones you least expect , funeral is next weds .. I’m terrified more than I was my own fathers 

want to explain more but don’t wanna say too much due to rules as this site has helped me a lot ... anymore I can say please let me know. 

many people have been through this I know but I’m lost ... I have to be strong for his mum and sister 

how do I do this ? 

Im loosing it myself relying on vices but new ones  

how do I say goodbye to my first love, lost my virginity to ... was with him for 5 years when we were teenagers... I had a horrid upbringing and him and his family showed me love and compassion and he’s mum fostered me .:: helped me do my GCSE’s 

any advice guys ? I’ve sat here and re wrote this a million times .. I’m scared I’m fonna throw up , run out the chapel , all sorts 

only jus said bye to a good mate at Xmas and got evicted , I have a home now but I don’t know if I can do this 

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