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Quality Research - Vendor - DCK

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Has anyone used this RC vendor "Quality Research", https://qrcsi.science  ?

They have DCK listed on their site but I am very skeptical considering how scarce real DCK is.  I have gotten burnt buying bunk DCK from 2 other vendors, one, a popular one on the former RC Sources subreddit before it was shutdown.

Also, to try and spur activity on this site, I thought of putting up my list of RC vendors I have bookmarked, many I got from RC Sources and some just from bumbling around on the internet.  MOST OF THEM I HAVE NOT USED AND KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.  But, it might stimulate some more sourcing discussion.  I will comment on the few I have used and my experience with them.  I AM A NOVICE IN THE RC SCENE AND AM NOT PUTTING MYSELF OUT AS SOME KIND OF EXPERT.  I would just like to crank up the activity on this forum.

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Iplease do share, I use only fairly well know Domestic vendor who carries opce, 3HO,3meo and and more....that can’t remember. Good vendor just expensive compared to what I am used to. Ever since reddit shut down sources options are limited. Yea I would be  skeptical about the dck. You are most likely going to get opce, which is not necessarily a bad thing. 

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